Private rent allowance while on ops?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by PteG, Apr 4, 2012.

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  1. Hello all,

    hoping someone in here can assist as im hoping to be as prepared as possible for Chillwell.

    Im mobilising on Herrick 17 and require all of my documentation and other things in check for 27th May.

    Im currently private renting my room from a friend, (under a written contract which we intend to get a lawyer involved to legalise), and I was wondering if i would be entitled to any allowance to assist with paying this rent while i am mobilised. I was in a briefing and documents check with my RAO last night and he was unsure if I could. Im not wanting to be paying out £300 a month for a room im not in 10/11 months. Also the Army have called me up to go on ops so i would assume they would have to assist me in this.

    Have any of you guys had experience in this or know the process? i.e. what documentation I will need for proof of tenancy etc. We are in the process of writing up a new tenancy agreement for 12 months starting 1st May.

    Any help greatly appreciated

  2. I am no expert in this but,

    If you can afford it on what you earn as a civvy you can afford it on your army pay. Your army pay will match that or be more.

    What is the problem here?
  3. I would be able to afford it but I wouldnt be using it on the time I am deployed. Hence why i assumed that there would be some for of allowance or compensation for keeping your place of living going while im not there. People are able to get allowance for keeping their grass getting cut and looking after pets, I would have thought this was more valuable. Hopefully im not just being naive.

  4. Just because you are deployed it doesn't mean the army takes responsibility for all your obligations.

    If you bin the room you will save £3k. That is the answer. I pay £250 a month for my car that I can't use. So what. People still pay rent, mortgages the lot.

    Pay the rent or keep the £3k.

    I know what I would do.
  5. I'm with Snakey, if you owned your own house, they wouldn't pay your mortgage, they'd say they pay you and that's your choice. If you think you're being hard done by, then don't go on tour. Back in the 90's you still had to pay for your shitty little bed space whilst on tour, as technically, it still was under your control and no-one else could use it (Even though you weren't there and all your kit was rotting away in the SQMC's stores).
  6. Good question fella but they're right. You're choice to keep the room so it's your choice to pay for it.

    Good luck on Op H17
  7. No worries guys, don't ask, dont get as they say.

    Bite the bullet it is. Cheers

  8. Ever thought of doing a deal with your mate?
    You could say, pay him half for his room and then start a contract when you return. I know it sounds mad, but the main reason you'd move out is to live with a bird, which you're not going to get in the next 9 months unless you smuggle an Afghan home. So you'll probably want the room for at least 6 months after your return.
    So pay half for 9 months (keeping it open, but leaving him an income) and then normal rate for at least 6 months after, then he also has the knowledge of an income for the next 13 or 14 months, putting him at ease.

    Might work, save you a few bob, give him a set income & give you both peace of mind.

    Everyones a winner.
  9. What he said!!
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