Private prisons.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by samain11, Feb 22, 2013.

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  1. I see the groundwork is being laid for an expansion of the private prison Industry with a report out this week claiming
    that they are more efficient than proper ones.
    Given that the profits from this this type of business depends on prisoner numbers, are we likely to see (a) more toerags
    getting time inside earlier instead of "a string of convictions" before sentencing...a good thing, or (b) a rise in prisoner numbers
    based on "stepping on the cracks in the pavement" type convictions...a bad thing.
    I ask because of some things I have read about the American experience of the "prison industrial complex".
  2. A big bit of both. Businesses depend on customers and in this case it is all about getting people in jail and prison as fast and as long as possible. Either way the prison industry here in Septicstan is making so much dough they can do this:

    "...the Boca Raton school, home of the Owls, sold naming rights to its 29,000-seat stadium to a private prison corporation, a change that has brought the school criticism, controversy and $6 million - the biggest gift ever made to the school's athletic department. GEO Group, a billion-dollar company which operates an immigration center in nearby Pompano Beach, as well as prisons elsewhere in the U.S., South Africa and the United Kingdom, will pay for the honor in $500,000 yearly installments over the next 12 years...." or
  3. Just wait until private security companies have responsibility for putting people into private prisons. It's not that far off. In reply to the original post, I believe it will result in mainly (a) but with enough of (b) for the general public to be reasonably concerned.
  4. [​IMG]

    I think the prison service is one thing we should keep firmly under 'public' control.
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  5. I believe this is the thinking of the group Reform and has been chinned off by the government, which given the Tories previous penchant for the private sector had my eyebrows raising like Roger Moore chatting up a bird in a bar.
    My mate is a prisoner officer and the nick where he works had a market test case which decided against privatisation along with as i understand it several others.

    As an aside:
    Reform is an independent, charitable, non-party think tank whose mission is to set out a better way to deliver public services and economic prosperity.

    The above copied and pasted from the Reform website which immediately got the spidey senses tingling.
  6. As long as arbiets machts frei free while they're banged up inside, its all good.
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  7. I'm undecided on private prisons:

    - can you be secure of security? (Same can be said for a public prison but you have more control)

    - can you be sure of the staff (same for a public prison, but you have more control)?

    - can you be sure that the staff will be treated as prison staff by the inmates?

    Maybe a good solution would be to have a public prison governor and a public prison middle manager per shift?

    And build in massive fines for escapes, violence etc.

    Would they be more suited to running open/training type prisons?

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  8. Mrs. B is very senior in NOMS. Private prisons are overseen by operational NOMS people (ie a regional director who was governor previously) in the same way that public prisons are and have to conform to exactly the same standards, so the reality is they are theoretically just as safe/dangerous/well run/badly run as any public sector prison.

    Private sector certainly pay less though, except for governor grades are who significantly better paid than their public sector counterparts.
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  9. No better or worse than a privatised Army I suppose.

    "Boots & Bayonets PLC" will have to conform to the same standards as the public sector army and will be overseen in exactly the same way.
  10. I have noticed from previous post that you have some fairly good working knowledge of HMP.
    I have to admit that as an ex officer I find them quite interesting.
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  11. Why should the state run prisons?

    Statist solutions are always expensive and inefficient.
  12. I think HMP Doncaster was the first private prison it had its cat A prisoners taken away because it wasn't secure enough. They run on dangerous staffing levels, pay poor wages, are badly run and prisoners don't like them.
    Poor regimes lead to problems. Ken Clarke****ed them up last time and will do the same again.
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  13. Number one issue with all establishments and staff is security.
    Can the private prison offer the same as a state run prison?
    Will the staff undergo the stringent vetting that the prison service does?
    When I used to be a prison officer we would be quick to slag off a private prison, but was it from fear of losing out or because we thought it would be run by money grabbing muppets?
    One thing the average prison officer holds dear is his civil service pension and because of over crowding the massive amount of extra hours they can work.
    It would be interesting to see how it works out but I do have concerns over security, safety and training.
    Will the staff and management be up to what already is a very difficult job?
  14. Yes they are.

    However, one of the major contenders for police and prisons, G4S, proved what an absolute shower of shit they were last year with the Olympics. It will be Minimum Wage Monkeys for Maximum Profits.
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  15. Prison officers don't earn loads of money, no night pay, no weekend pay, no shift allowances, no overtime pay.
    The only way to make money is to drive down wages, staffing and pensions. To keep staff low prisoners will spend more time in cell and will be powder kegs.
    When there are problems I'm sure the HMP Tornado teams will sort out the problems or maybe the police or Army.