Private Physio - uh oh, maybe NOT what I thought.

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Civvy_Shot, Nov 2, 2007.

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  1. Any idea roughly what private physios charge?

    I've completely knacked what I think are the ligaments in my knee and am trying to negotiate the 'mad old trout on reception' method of getting to see my GP.

    The last time I was referred on the NHS (OK, not where I live now) I got two 'sessions', one for acupuncture (she was reading the instruction manual as she jabbed the jabby things in... :roll: ) and one to be attached to some electric zappy thing that I think was leftover from ECT therapy.

    No private medical either.... :(
  2. May be about 60 or 70 quid first session, then 40 to 50 there after. I could be wrong though, and others may be better placed to advise. Thing is with physio (and why a lot of people slag it off) is that it often involves some work from the patient (exercises etc.) to see the benefit. So lazy feckers don't do the exercices, the treatment does not work, and they say it's a load of rubbish and go off to get cracked by a chiropractor.

    Golden rule with any such treatment.... if it you ain't seeing improvement after about 6 sessions, try something else. I am astounded when I meet people who have been paying chriros for YEARS.
  3. No idea but the "negotiate past the mad old trout thing must be universal"

    I've honed my technique from a straight forward NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS when they attempt to "Triage" to accepting "Practice nurse appointments"

    Getting a nurses appointment works as they have an incredibly limited scope in terms of protocols and prescribing formulae and end up having to get a Doctor in to "Confer" and "Prescribe/Refer"

    Sorry not much help for you but hopefully others may benefit, inshallah
  4. These prices were what I paid (my mum rather) when I had physio back in 96. Had about 8 sessions altogether, and the women used those zappy things too, it was all kind of like a massage but with lots of pain.

    I assume prices vary from one practice to another, so I would try and get it on the nhs again, and now that your in a different area it may work out better for you.
  5. My bold - Good one! Anything to bypass the harridans on the front desk who decided that my one week old daughter who had picked up a chest infection and was having trouble breathing was NOT deserving of an emergency appointment...

    Doctors- why waste all those years going to medical school when all you have to is put on a cardigan, grow a 'tache, and pass the menopause, and voila! instant font of all medical knowledge. You ask to see your publically funded medical type and they look at you like you just asked them to felch a labrador with amoebic dysentery...
  6. I'm currently paying £25 per 1/2 an hour session with a bloke who was recommended to me by my rugby coach. Wouldn't pay £70, I'd cut my leg off first. Best advice is to get recommendations and ring around.
  7. I saw a physio a couple of years ago when i did a good job of twisting an ankle. I didn't even bother to see the GP. The physio was £25 for a half hour session although the sessions sometimes went on for longer at no additional charge. As stated by HBL, you will need to put the effort in.

    If you have damaged ligaments in your knee, you really need to see a doctor as it may be useful to get a scan to see what you have done.


    edited to add. i have been seeing an osteopath (similar to a physio) for a few months now. these sessions are £32 and last 30mins to 1hr.
  8. Spent most of Saturday in A&E as the knee had swelled up overnight to something resembling a hippo's scrotum.

    First guess was 'Septic Arthritis' as I was running a temperature (nothing to do with the heating being on full blast). Nearly an armful of blood was removed, then (oh lovely) a needle the size of Concorde's nosecone was shoved into my knee to suck out some more samples. Hey ho, still better than being at work. They them were muttering about 'Reactive Arthritis' i.e an infection somewhere else was causing the joint to shut up shop. Dish out happy pills, and I gimp off.

    Sunday morning, miles better, but still swollen, when the Orthopaedic bloke phones me to say he thinks I might have Gout. Gout??? I'm thirty-flucking-five! However the results haven't come back from the knee-hoovering-out.

    Off down to GP in a sec to be prodded.

    I have a nasty feeling, though - isn't this a bar to entry for the TA as well as regular? Any feedback welcome.