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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ben1985, Dec 16, 2007.

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  1. Evening,

    Just to ask, I looked at a topic on the MOD oracle where it states newly trained privates are paid £14k a year.

    When i looked at the army website before (official), it states that new entrants ( i assume during phase 1 and maybe phase 2) will get £12.5k ish and privates (after phase 2 training) get £15.6k

    which one of these figures is right, just wondering that's all?

    extract taken from offical army website:

    New Entrants £1,047.66 £12,571.92
    Private 1 £1,306.42 £15,677.04
    Private 3 £1,378.72 £16,544.64
    Private 4 £1,499.46 £17,993.52


  2. They are all correct, they relate to the different basic rates of pay recieved depending on the soldiers pay class. After training, you would be a level 1 soldier, and after time served and qualifications gained you will go up the levels of pay appropriately... or should that read allegedly??

    Edited as I can't seem to spell properly tonight!
  3. Though that's without you're taxes and rent taken out.
  4. These rates are correct, if your an adult entrant once you have done your basic training of 14 weeks and pass out you will move from £12,571.92 up to £15677.04. Junior entrants (which i think you are) start on £12,571.92 and either move up to £15677.04 on completion of ADC Bassingbourn or at around week 26 of AFC Harrogate. Once you have then completed your phase 2 training you will then go on the higher or lower pay rate dependant on trade/job. You will then get your two pay rises a year in April with budget and also your increment pay rise.
  5. Like he says (the iron knows everything!!)