Private Military Contractors

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by C-Rock, Jul 30, 2006.

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  1. These are both excellent programmes on the subject and seem very honest and unbiased.

    If anybody could recommend any similar documentaries I would be all ears.

  2. Thanks for the programmes. private warriors was particularly good. I would reccomend anyone interested in this area of work to have a watch.
  3. haven't seen the movie but saw the trailer a while ago. Sounds interesting but it would seem that they were focusing more on the more OTT companies. Thats to say lots of big roided up guys covered in pouches, knives (like the clown with a big skull & crossbones drawn on the back of his body armour-good skills n0bber) and carrying 5 weapon systems with a 10,000 yard stare. The sort of people that we all goan about when you see them posing in the IZ etc. Big guys with big attitudes :roll: . This is what joe public thinks of us all: a bunch of desperadoe mercenaries that go out and slot people for fun getting paid loads to do it, all thanks to the mongs and lunatics that I've seen work out here. Might be true for a small minority but we're not all like that trust me!
    Then again, doesn't seem to matter how professional you are, the military still look down their noses at you. Britmil anyone? :confused:
  4. Indeed mate. When I was out there, several of my still serving friends rotated through Baghdad. On more than one occasion, they were told by their boss (A Lt Col) that they should not socialise with the contractors. Like the good blokes they were, they ignored the cnut. I don't know if it was jealousy or the fact that I, a relatively recently retired member of the military, was now outside of their control, but I have seen that snootiness on many occasions.