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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Trotsky, Mar 25, 2006.

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  1. I am currently doing a management diploma and have to do a comparative analysis of two UK companies.

    Most people are doing boring things like construction but I felt something nice and politically incorrect like PMC's may be more interesting.

    Who are the two most successful UK PMC's and do they publish "promotional literarture"

  2. By chance I looked through todays Daily Mail,
    There is a "been there and doing it" spread by "John Geedes"
    A start point as he is current in the business?
  3. I once worked for Defence Systems Ltd. They were taken over by Armor Group I think.
  4. Global Risk International ( are another significant player. I know very little about them, and the website isn't exactly giving a lot away.
  5. Armor Group has a very good reputation. SECOPEX is a French PMC that has a pretty decent reputation. You might post in the civilian division and find some PMC types that could give you background.
  6. Very admirable - but if you've got any sort of conscience, you may feel the strong urge to have a good scrub down after such a sordid exercise. I'd recommend a bath in swarfega - it might remove the stench of corruption, the enduring stink of rank hypocrisy, the offensive reek of people who deal in death and all associated foul human ordure.
  7. Righteous indignation and moral superiority doing a bad job of glossing over the fact that you evidently know the square root of damn all about are painfully predictable.
  8. Maybe do a search on Sandline or Executive Outcomes, and see what is associated with them..??

  9. Indeed.


    Alternatively, stick to something much less unpleasant, such as PMCs.
  10. I have a contact in Erinys who might choose to help you out - pm me if you want me to check out whether he would or not.
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