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Discussion in 'Officers' started by FGBurnaby, Feb 28, 2008.

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  1. Hallo all,

    I'm hoping the knowledge of arrse could help settle a debate between a friend and I. He says one doesn't need a private income being an officer in the Army. I say otherwise. Quite simple.

    I point to buying uniforms at the end of Sandhurst. To do it all in one hit, no 1, service, mess dress, sword etc, it is going to cost upwards of £6,000, depending on who you go to.

    There are mess bills etc as well. I understand it's not the 19th century anymore and there aren't champagne penalties any longer (except maybe in the Light Dragoons...) but it can all still be pretty costly. Especially in the Household Division where I intend to end up.

    Silly fool has decided to join the Navy either way!
  2. You seem to have managed to post this about sixteen times.

    In short, no, you don't need a private income to join any regiment in this army. I'm afraid I can't really be arrsed to explain why again, but there are a few threads that touch upon it here and elsewhere (there's one entitled 'Guards Officer Class' in the Infantry forum for some reason).
  3. Of course you need a private income,

    I found the £3.50 i collected, by redeeming the 10p deposit bottle return, each week, highly usefull.

    If you want to be really well off and maybe buy the odd promotion or two, you could steal lead off of the local church roof, and cash it in at your local scrappie.

    there is always a way dear chap!!!
  4. You receive a uniform allowance which covers some of the cost and there are plenty of secondhand shops around, to which you will be guided by your colleagues.

    You don't need a private income unless you want to live like a King.

  5. Find someone who's getting out, and buy his kit. It even comes with free creases in the right places!!
  6. I scent a left wing journo scum
  7. The inference from your post, Burnaby, is that you HAVE a private income, in which case the only possible reason you have for actually putting a post up about it is to gloat.

    That is not the sort of behaviour expected of a Household Division officer as it smacks of bad manners and poor breeding. Even if one is better off than others, you never boast about it. Doubt you'd get offered a place, going on this example.
  8. I think this is a wah - he claims to have family who are serving officers, so he would probably know this is not the case. Either that or it's Caubean.
  9. On the other hand if you are one of the occassional metropolitan police officers who you find with a private income ( i have known of three) its best to tell everybody so you don't get an early morning call from professional standards.

    Trotsky (not staying in the Knightsbridge flat after quick change over this week)
  10. Right,

    Firstly, terribly sorry about the multiple posts, although not my fault. Was as surprised as everyone else to see them.

    Secondly, very much not "left-wing journo scum". PO hoping to be at Sandhurst this year.

    Thirdly, no intention of gloating or showing off or generally being an idiot. Genuine curiosity. That's all.

    Lastly. Plenty of family in the Army over the years (some who gave their lives for this country so no need to be rude), but none in the last twenty years. They have advised me that in their time that a private income was not necessary, but it could be tough without one. That's all.

    Sorry if I offended anyone.
  11. Show off, If I had a private income I'd be on a beach with a G & T not coppering in London.

    Well, maybe I would, but I'd want a damn good job!
  12. Erm how comes the OP has -1 post?! Do the COs now penalise people who post crap?
  13. (Ahem) I think you'll find that people were being rude about you, not your deceased relatives. It may be something of a surprise to you to discover that you aren't alone, either in being descended from soldiers, or in being related to some of our Glorious Dead. In fact, you probably share the latter distinction with some tens of millions of people.

    The phrase I'm probably scratching for here is 'wind your neck in'. Get used to it.
  14. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    The idea of a 'private income' seems to obsess people who want to go to Sandhurst. To be honest, I've come across relatively few army officers who have a substantial private income over the 23 years since I was commissioned. On the other hand, I've known quite a few whose parents have been prepared to bung them a few quid when they were short of the ackers for one reason or another; who who could reasonably expect to inherit a substantial amount when the oldsters peg it. In my humble experience, people with large private incomes rarely seem to bother their arrses with any real work at all, and more fool them when it all goes t1ts up.
  15. Fair point. Didn't mean to come off cocky. I can assure you all that to the best of my knowledge I'm not normally an arse. Although my mishandling of this post would suggest otherwise.
    It was a genuine question and I'm sorry if I've rubbed anyone up the wrong way. That's all I can say really. Thanks all the same! :oops: