I am due to be 'assigned' (wish they'd have kept 'posting''s much better), to the North West and will hopefully get a private hiring. Can anyone give me any int on what I need, how I choose (indeed if I get to choose), charges, location, choice etc, etc. Any help greatfully received. I thank you!
Probably best to speak to your UWOs (current and next unit). You'll get advice on here re others experience and policy but your actual curcumstances and those of your new unit will likely be different.


Happy Days...cheers.


All the information you will need is in JSP 464, if you got an account on Army Net just type it in the search box.


It's been a couple of years since I did this, but my recommendation would be to self-source your hiring if you are far enough out from your "assignment". Speak to your unit's welfare officer and get DE to confirm in writing that no service accommodation available, this then frees you up to get a hiring.

Hirings are run by “Countrywide Mobility” and they can offer 2 options: “opting in” or a self-find. If you opt into their scheme they will find you 2 properties – you must take one, otherwise you must go completely civilian. I would recommend self-sourcing a hiring that suits you and that fits the DE criteria (especially as you are charged top quarter charges for it). Once found, inform Countrywide of the address, they will check that it fits the criteria (cost principally) and then they will sort out the paperwork. Countrywide rent the property with you sub-letting it from them. One issue is that you will have to find any deposit required by the landlord.

Good luck!