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Private Health Care



The Defence Medical Services (DMS) are widely reported to be in a pretty poor state, quite how true this is I leave for others to decide.  

However, what is the general view of folks out there to downsizing the Defence Medical Services DMS further, and offering us free private health care (PPP/BUPA) with perhaps a corporate reduction in fees extended to our nearest and dearest.

Ah I hear you say what about operations.  Well most of the regular forces DMS hospital specialists work in the NHS on a day-in-day-out basis now.  And because of shortages some Bdes have already used any under-spend to pay for private treatment for downgraded personnel on an ad hoc (and therefore commercially disadvantageous) basis.  

We could make part-time, reserve or sponsored reserve service a lot more popular by paying a these people a little more when these are called forward for ops.  I'm sure many would accept this rather than the current pretence of being full time servicemen/women.

Views from all especially beyond the medics.


War Hero
easier and cheaper solution.

1. Take control of beds on MDHU wards back and in the contracts with the NHS make it very expensive for them to cancel operations.

2. Keep theatre teams together and not split military teams up.

3. Encourage T.A to provide surgical teams for annual camp periods.

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