Private Harry Potter - RIP

of course, only difference was instead of killing evil wizzards this one was killing arabs
Talking of Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliff will be appearing in a film called My Son Jack based on Kipling's son. (probably mentioned before ).

They are shooting in Ireland and are in the middle of pre-production as we speak. I know the military advisor on the film who was taking them through some drill last weekend, complete with his first world war uniform. I asked him if he said something along the lines of "Get off my square, you horrible little wizard".
If you look at the date of Pte Harry Potter's death as mentioned on the web link...= 22nd July 1939, and the recent JK Rowling book released date 21st July 2007.....or is this just a coincidence?
Hmmm Harry Potter fictional teenage wizard risks life and soul to save the world from evil.

The CWGC list quite a few Harry Potters who fell for King and Country. In fact Harry Potters are dottred on memorials across the world

The first listed in the CWGC is a civilian Harry Potter, a section leader of the "light rescue service killed in Hammersmith on 21 July 1844 (V1 ?) He ius the son of James and L Potter...

Three on the Somme - None with known grave.

= Private HP 16th Lancashire Fusiliers - probably killed on the first day.

= LCpl HP 9th R Susex

= Sgt HP of the 2nd DLI

One Lt HP (Wife of Lillie) 7th E Surreys KIA on the first day of the Arras battle

Lcpl HP of the 7th Leinsters killed at Messines Ridge in June 1917.

Several Harry Potters Killed in 3rd Ypres
LCpl HP D company 2 S Lancs MID killed on day three of 3rd Ypres

Lcpl HP 24 Australian MG Coy 5 Oct - day after the Australians take Tyne Cot

Gunner HP 353 Seige Battery GRA

just for starters.

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