private firearms ownership

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by midwesterner, Dec 24, 2005.

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  1. what do you own?
    what do you what to own?
  2. Hi,
    I was just wondering about the P-16. Does the 16 indicate magazine capacity? I'm pretty sure that's how the original P-14 got it's name.

    I thought they'd banned all magazines with a capacity of more than 10 shots, or is that only in certain states?
  3. Interesting question..... all I can say is .... 'Persec'
  4. the 16 states magazine capacity, to 40 states that its .40 caliber.
    as for high capacity magazine (more then 10 rounds) there was a ban on them from the 1994 "crime bill" but that had a ten year sleeper clause, and expired last year. weapons with a flash suppresser bayonet lug and a pistol grip were also band, (or was if they had two of the three features) but this also expired. due to the fact that retro active laws are unconstitutional in the US all these items were available during the "ban", as long as they were manufactured before the day the law went into effect, that is how i got my highcaps for my para. the ar-15 however i bought a few weeks after the law expired. some very liberal states still have the high cap laws and some **** weapon lay out laws (sorry i cant spell clatumatur???)

    bacon, butter and hardcore porn, that sounds like my kind of place.
  5. snapper


  6. got over 50 firearms in NZ, bit of a military collection (some ex-mil rifles convert to semi only) bolt action hunters/varmiters and 4 pistols SW422, SW586, Tanfoglio 9mm, para ord .45 (dont own any firearms in the uk, cant be arrsed with uk restrictive licencing laws)
    most are 'in parts' or 'getting re-built' for future sales, my excuse for having a mountain of rusting bits in boxes.
    fav hunting guns are Ruger M77 in .308 and a rem700 heavy barreled varmiter in 25/06 wildcat.

    Stealth missing again

    Bruce Rifle Club

    Otago Pistol Club
  7. I think the PERSEC issue, surrounds gun ownership in the UK, which is basically banned. If I had firearms and lived in the UK, I sure as hell wouldn't broadcast it on the internet either.

    As for me, I own one rifle and one shotgun. The only handgun I have is my duty issued, SigSauer .40 P226.

    My rifle is a Colt M4 and my shotgun is a VangComp Remington 870.
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    You chaps should really get about a bit more see this thread: Hunting with guns!
    Definetly not outlawed and possibly the easiest country for sporting rifle and shotgun use in the world. Your bag limit is what you can carry back or pay for!
  9. that is why i placed the thread in the Multinational HQ.

    did you notice i want a sig226 in .40?

    UK gun control
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Course I did mucker, what you going to use it for?
    I only recently sold the last of my pistols to pay for anew stalking rifle so pistol ownership here in the UK is possible! I only handed in one pistol and that was my 22 vostock. Pity really but I did really well on the deal!
  11. i am going to use it to fill that empty void in my life, and i will spend many a happy hour telling the 226 how much i love it and how much i need, it as i cradle it in my arms.
  12. midwesterner....

    PERSEC = Personnel Security

    As Phil pointed out Personnel Firearms ownership in the UK is pretty much frowned upon in fact just about anything worth having is banned (pistols, semi auto's, shotguns with a mag capacity greater than 3 rnds etc) :evil:

    Generally not a good idea to advertise ownership on a public forum in the UK.

    Unfortunately over this side of the pond it seems the weak livered surrender monkey 'pc' brigade are calling the tune, even to the extent that if yer strike lucky/unlucky? enough to catch a scrot doing the house over unless you sit em down, offer em a brew, see to the health and safety issues offer counselling etc your more likely to get the jail time than they are.... 8O emptying a whole clip out yer Glock into the oxygen thief :D or even both barrels out the 12 gauge for good measure aka a certain Norfolk Farmer just isn’t an option :evil:

    I was lucky having just sold 3 pistols and a rifle before getting posted when they had the big clampdown over here so I didn’t lose much unlike some, although I would like back my Stainless S&W Mod 66 in .357, S&W 9mm Semi and that wonderfull fun gun my SLR (Yes I had a handheld Artillery piece) plus all the re-loading kit back. (Or realistic compo, not the 'set rates' robbing c*nts).