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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Jango_Fett, Jan 5, 2006.

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  1. I've just read the "Sandpit News" article by 'Square Basher' in the latest issue of Private Eye.

    So, is 'Square Basher' a journalist that browses this website, or an actual serving soldier?

    Anybody know, or perhaps 'Square Basher' will out himself?
  2. **** knows who "Square Basher" is, but for future reference, I refer to myself as "Circle Molester". Expect to hear from me in a tabloid rag near you !
  3. Read it today seems like a journo after a quick trawl of arrse to me. But I could be wrong
  4. Any link? Or is this a surreal conversation?
  5. SOrry they don't put all their articles on the website I will precis it tomorrow or you could go an buy a copy
  6. © Private Eye
  7. I agree, stylewise - but I don't remember some of the detail from these august pages.
  8. As a hardened cynic who sat in the Sandpit on TELIC 1, eagerly awaiting the arrival of my subscription copy of Private Eye, I don't care who he is as long as the good stuff keeps coming. Who can remember the classic "Not ready for Action Man"; complete with mobile phone, non-working gun, melting boots and own supply of toilet roll?

    I would say that MD is a doctor and Muckspreader could be a farmer, but do you think Dr B Ching is a train driver and what occupation would you suggest for Square Eyes and Remote Controller?

    Is there anybody out there to dispute what was actually written?
  9. NOt at all don't get me wrong Private Eye is a fantastic publication I have been a subscriber for over 10 years and would stongly recommend it to anyone to help get a better persepective on how the media and government works
  10. I used to subscribe and even contributed to the fund for the damages over the Rippers wife. I still buy on occasion. I think it's still a good read, but it has gone a tad down hill
  11. I suppose that he could be part of the Army's own PR/Press people (whatever they're known as?) Not that that is a bad thing &, however, good for the Eye to publish at all. I seem to remember other, albeit infrequent, articles by square basher?
  12. The Eye has been very good on highlighting down the nisuse of PFI deals for government projects well worth a look
  13. It could, this may sound strange to some, be possible that the writer is a STAB or other part timer given the joys of his own free MoD all expenses paid Holiday in sandland whose been less that impresssed by the antics of some of the RO's at Div HQ.....?

    Just a thought
  14. Blasted journalists - can't even spell basha correctly!

  15. Couldn't the Heads of Sheds find any babies for BLiar to kiss???