Private Eye - Square basher

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Sir_Sidney_Ruff_Diamond, May 26, 2006.

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  1. Private Eye No 1159
    26 may – 8 Jun 2006

    The question of the day here in Basra, at least before the World Cup begins, is: who is supplying the insurgents with so many rather good wpns?

    One source says Amnesty International could be the US. Back in 2004 the Pentagon organised the shipment of 200,000 AKs from Bosnia to Iraq to be used by the IP. The Americans used an air freight compnay called Aerocom without doing background checks that would have revealed that the company was owned by a notorious arms dealer and crook Vicktor Bout.

    Evidence shows that the flights took off but Baghded air traffic control has no record of their landing. The wpns are ‘’missing’’.

    The other source is, of course Iran. The Green Slime (AKA The Intelligence Corps) isn’t keen as yet to talk about the new Shia gps emerging in the south of Iraq, brandishing Iranian wpns; but for future reference they are the Bdes of the Imam Kazim, Imam Ali and Imam Hadi resectively.

    They boast Iranian made ‘PIR compressed gas’ roadside bombs that have already killed squaddies, including the two lads from 2 RAR (briefly called the Royal Anglican Regiment by idiots at the BBC)

    Richard Clarke a fmr counter terrorism chief told ABC News that in all probability the Iranian government is knowingly killing US troops.

    Ours too. An Iranian-backed terror group run by Abu Mustafa al-Sheibani is blamed by spooks for 11 UK deaths, including two helo crews, one UK and one US shot down by Iranian Strela missiles.

    Op Persian Freedom grows closer.

    ‘Square Basher’

    Copyright Private Eye 2006
  2. Op Persian Freedom grows closer.

    I don't like this name, its so.... 2003, surely we can come up with something better than this?

    I like Operation Alexander Returns
  3. Good to know that we can get better Int from Private Eye than we can in theatre! 8O Haven't we been talking about weapons coming from Iran for about a year now? Pretty sure it's in the news every time anyone mentions southern Iraq.

    PIR Compressed gas.. what like a sodastream bomb?

    Hmm.. 2 RAR... Hadn't heard about the new renaming convention instigated by Private Eye. God damn those fools at the BBC for calling it what it is.. they'll be calling them the Poachers soon too!
  4. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    How is it Private Eye never gets it quite right - or is it all a bit of subtle info manipulation?

    The Royal Anglian Regiment have never, as far as I know, called the RAR. However, the RAR are in Iraq - the Royal Australian Regiment. Been here, in various guises, for a long while now :)
  5. read it carefully davros you wally. royal anglican regiment?
  6. Anglican is nothing new. Was regularly used in NI where the significance is even more important.
  7. surely it's that typo that PE was alluding to when it called the BBC idiots...?
  8. I think it was written by advisors to George W. I have a sneaky suspicion that someone is trying to convince the western world that we should "justifyingly" invade Iran.

  9. Hmm.. ok, so they're not a church regiment, but compared to calling em 2 RAR and talking about compressed gas bombs and , I think I win.

    Unless by compressed gas they meant hydrodynamic jet employing the SEFOP principle... Yeah that might be it ;)

    Am I a geek?! :?
  10. Yes you freak!!!!!!!

    You really need to get out more :roll:
  11. See all the time I was in the sandpit, that's what I said too!!! :p
  12. welcome get out!!!!!! :)