Private eye, Hamas, WP and Invertron...

I have just been shown the piccies of the WP shells bursting over Gaza by a civvy colleague. "Is that WP?" quoth he and i confirmed, with perhaps a little too much professional glee that they were indeed.

I further compounded the error by reminiscing fondly of days in Invertron when they were using that slide of the Sussex Downs, the one with a primary school dead centre. I recall an IN shoot on that terrain and another student (honest not me) - a larger Scottish gentleman - being asked to describe the target..."Ice cream vans in open" he replied. At EOM he gave results as "two ice cream vans burning, many children casualties..." Even the IG laughed!

Well, it made a change from "2 BMPs burning, many infantry casualties..."
Ah the good old Invertron………………how quaint, showing your age now Cuddles.

Add 400! :wink:
Invertron - now CAE Land Systems, still in Burgess Hill (near the Sussex Downs) but mainly a Flight Training Centre now (when they can get the Pikeys off the car park).
When you think of the simulation software in most kids bedrooms these days, it does make me chuckle at how Gucci Invertron was not all that long ago.
OK, well quite a while ago then.


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Some of us remember its competitor 'MasterGunner' from MCCS and its predecessor and from SAAB. MG actually had data projectors, 2 of, each projecting half the screen width, no surprise that Invetron got the gig.


If the newer one introduced in the 90's were real I wouldn't have ever wanted to pop in to see Vera Lynn for a cuppa, her house made always made for a handy FPF.

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