Private Eye classifieds - army officer scam?

Apologies if someone has already posted this subject, I did search and nothing showed up.

This ad appears in the current Private Eye (No. 1185):

ARMY OFFICER seeks funding for soldiers' adventure training.
Happy to discuss.

S/C 40-30-24 A/C 21887300

(The sort code is for HSBC in Loughborough.)

I can't believe this is genuine - there are better ways to raise money than anonymous ads in a magazine. Does anyone on arrse know of any way to check? I haven't tried emailing for more info because I don't want to be inundated with spam/viruses etc.

Unfortunately there are people out there who will donate money to fake appeals and then some lazy git gets money under false pretences.
This does look a little wierd and I wonder if Private Eye need a little heads up that they could be acting as a host for a potential scam?
Good point may be this is the only way to scrape the funds together, just very odd way of doing it and the last thing I would consider.

Even without the chap or chapess' name it is perhaps not that wise to publish account details.
Bank sorting code Loughborough ?? Just up the road at Woodhouse is the new Welbeck college , wonder if there is any connection ??


ABrighter2006 said:
I don't know - cutbacks in MOD budget, maybe someone is not only trying to set something up, but also highlighting just how bad things have got!
What better way for the new PM to fund a war against Iran?

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