Private Eye Cartoons Tell it Like it Is

I reckon we should have a thread just dedicated to PE jokes, satire and Psuedo names.

Anyway, I believe that Private Eye should stop making fun of our wounded troops disabilites

I E Dee
I agree!

And when are the MOD going to realise that the TA needs to be 300,000 strong and be re-named Team UK (**** Yeah) before all the country's problems are solved.

I have the honour...etc etc

Walt R Meetee TD
And more money should be donated to service charites. Both of us give every spare penny.

C'mon guys dig deep


Holly Daze
Fleur Hieroes
A la Colemanballs:

Comedian (I know not of his name) at the Help for Heroes Concert at Twickenham: "..and this next act is going to blow you away"

Oh dear!
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