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Page 21 of today's Private Eye seems to show some sympathy for our servicemen.

Under a picture of an Action Man toy with one boot, a sling and a bandaged head.

'This year's Must Have Christmas Toy'
'Comes complete with
No hospital facilities
No compensation
No recognition'

Price: Next to Nothing

Warning - This product has been recalled because he is full of lead.

Nice touch, I thought.


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Ooooh, biting. One can always rely on the Private Eye to get straight to the nub of the matter!
Thier cartoon a couple of issues ago showing a close up of small wooden crosses in the Field of Remembrance and the caption "Record poppy crop in Afghanistan".


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There's quite a good article by 'Squarebasher' regarding the MWMIK and the Mastiff and their use in sandy places too.

Maybe, just maybe, the tide is turning ....

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