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Evidence of direct Iranian involvement in attacks on British Troops is not confined to southern Iraq.

The word from the ‘putting stickers on maps’ brigade aka The Intelligence Corps is that Tehran is also providing weapons and training for Jihadistas in Afghanistan, just in time for the deployment of our lads there later this year, both regulars and reluctant part-timers from the TA.

The withdrawal of 2,500 Spams cheered local Taliban lunatics so much they immeditaly instituted a successful recruitment drive in Iran, Saudi and Bradford fully aware that the British effort in Afghansiatan will be fatally split between a war on drugs (upsetting local warlords and alllies in the GWOT) and a war on terror (upsetting Abu Musab al-Zarqawi a terroroist with a hotline to Damascus and Teheran) encouraging an engagement on two fronts with the MoD briefing newspapers of casualties on a Falklands War scale.

Meanwhile members of the ‘coalition of the willing’ against terror like the Dutch and the French continue to limit their commitments to a minimum leaving the lads with a massive task to complete with minimum backing from the MoD and with crap kit and crap rules of engagement.

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I can't help but feel a little sceptical at all this Iran stuff. It just seems very timely and "manufactured". A bit like WMD and the whole reason for invading Iraq. It is well documented that the Americans (Bush) would love to conquer Iran and then Syria. I feel that the PR machine is running and we (Tony B) are providing Bush with all the help he needs in order to swing votes in the UN so that he can justify another invasion. With the help oh us Brits again, coz Tony the tosser won't say no.


AF1771 said:
It is well documented that the Americans (Bush) would love to conquer Iran and then Syria...
Conquer is a strong word, don't you think? Change regimes, maybe.

Still it's nice to see that our work sticking things on maps is finally getting some national recognition. :D

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