Private Enterprise at the Tower

Maybe just a coincidence that a two-year-plus old story surfaces on the first Sunday after the date that the two sacked warders were required to vacate the Tower by.

I think it's a bit despicable of the Mail to make use of innocent warders in photo poses with female journalists or models just so we can see what a warder and a young lady might look like together but hey, that's about par for the Mail

Mail on Sunday said:
A security firm spent months secretly investigating Beefeaters suspected of pocketing thousands of pounds from unauthorised private tours of the Tower of London.
The inquiry found that one Yeoman Warder broke strict rules by giving a group a private viewing of the Crown Jewels at night. 'There was an inference that this had been a commonplace activity,' said a report.
Jewel in the crown: A friendly Beefeater - not involved in any of the allegations investigated by Lord Stevens - welcomes a member of the public to the Tower of London
Investigators were told that another Beefeater boosted his income by regularly letting his house at the Tower to tourists after advertising it on the internet. He also secured seven-day temporary passes for his 'guests' which enabled them to come and go as they pleased and gave them access to areas normally denied to the public.
Link Extra tours at the Tower
Free enterprise?

If they had been MP's they would all ahve been at it.

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