private computor equipment.

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by andromeda, Mar 8, 2007.

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  1. I am not sure if this is the right location, but in our latest warning for PAT testing, they have asked for computor passwords to check for powering up the equipment and testing the local area network, if available. This would be our PRIVATE computors and PRIVATE LAN through a PRIVATE telephone line.

    Is this allowed? all that has been asked for in the past is the lead.
  2. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    No, its not. Be present yourself to log on - and then immediately log off again.

    Also, simply booting the computer as far as the logon screen itself should be sufficient.
  3. Sounds dodgy to me. I never give my password away unless its the IT guy trying to rebuild my PC after I spilt coffee in it again! (then I change the password straight after)
  4. Thank you - thats what I thought. What does not help is not being able to be present myself (or others with IT equipment...)

    Anything I can Refrence on this?
  5. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Data Protection Act might be one for starters.

    Also, your personal information will be on there, and they have no right to access your personal computer unless they are a policeman with a warrant.
  6. tell them to poke off. they don't need to log on, just power up.
  7. I wouldn't let them PAT test my PC, they can test the lead, but cetainly not the pc it's self.

  8. PAT testing is taking place where I am - the cleaners have been told to leave every room unlocked to allow the testing contractors access. I have objected on the basis that any loss may not be covered by my insurance if the room is left insecure.

    When I upgrade I often sell the original kit on Ebay - twice in the past buyers have complained that items with PAT stickers have been used commercially, and are not therefore worth as much as personal-use kit.
  9. Just had this here. We put electricals in the wardrobe and locked it. Placed extension cables in plug sockets and let them test that. Not a problem for them. Spoke quietly to one of them who said off the record they get paid by the item thats why they try to test anything electrical.
  10. JSP 375 Leaflet 12 Annex A - PAT Testing.

    If the equipment is double insulated (marked CE) then it only needs user inspection prior to use and periodic visual inspection (every 2 to 4 years) by a competent person.

    If the person carrying out the testing does not know this, I would hazard a guess that he/she may not actually be competent :frustrated:
  11. While serving with the RAF several years ago I was tasked to electrically inspect personal electrical items in the single accommodation. The reason being some one (don’t know what arm or rank) had classed the accommodation as military property in the same way an office area is classed (H&S).
    An airman challenged this as it was his possessions in their room and no-one went to the married quarters and electrically inspected there toasters or kettles etc,.
    The job was put on hold and people (senior officers) started to investigate what could and could not do in private (military) accommodation.
    After a while the answer came back that it could NOT go ahead and that was that.
    On being posted, I was again tasked to carry out Portable Appliance Testing in the single soldier’s accommodation; I explained what happened at the RAF camp but was told to get on with it. The PAT was out of date and had to be sent away, so with this time I made some enquires and was informed that I would need third party insurance to test the equipment in case someone said I had destroyed there 80 inch LCD TV! I was covered to test Crown property but not private.
    The cost for a basic policy was nearly 200 pounds a month for 10 million pounds insurance (death, fire etc,) but who was to pay and be accountable if anything went wrong? This is when the management decided to allow a ‘user’s inspection’ to be signed each month to say it was safe. After a few months this was forgotten and life carried on.
    Also the matter of AGAI 53 distinction between private and military life was also raised “respect for privacy” and that was that.
  12. Sorry for the double post gentlemen 'Glenfiddich' strikes back
  13. :frustrated: pat testing! shat testing. every now and again i go back to my room to find all my plugs covered in stickers without anybody asking. why? how many lives has this inanity saved? none. pointless waste of time and money.
  14. I work in a military establishment as a civilian employee,and deal with pat-testing frequently.If the item is removable and not permanent (ie)a laptop,kettle,toaster,and can be taken away when the unit or person leaves,then it does not have to be pat-tested,as it is a private possesion.
  15. JSP 375 Chapter 2 Leaflet 12 page 2

    Duties - Head of Establishment / CO

    sub para 9.4

    Set policy for the use of personal electrical appliances on their establishment. Where the use of personal items is allowed anywhere on an establishment, a specific risk assessment must be carried out and suitable and sufficient control measures put in place to control their use.

    All MoD Staff

    Sub para 13.4

    They do not bring onto site any personal electrical equipment without the permission of an approprate authority. Where personal electrical equiupment is permitted all staff shall obey any specific requirements relating to the use of personal electrical equipment.