Private car MMA Claims - Business insurance

This has probably been done before but just a bit of info.

Some people aren't aware that in order to legally claim MMA for duty travel in your own car you are required to have "business use" cover on your insurance.

Some people won't have done this as they might think it's expensive. I just called my insurance company to enquire about it and my fully comp premium went up a grand total of £0.92p and that was for year round business cover.

Worth looking into if you haven't bothered so far (like I hadn't )

PS. That was with More Than insurance but the AA said roughly the same.
What was the required ammount, I heard it was £20 Million cover by one clerk and £10 million cover by another :?

Still cant understand these figures and why we would realistically need this cover for MMA claims but better do as were told by the powers above.

Direct line said it was no additional charge
Iron, Ive no idea what the level was I just wanted to make sure that my policy had it on. I'll check though.
It used to be 10 mil, but the amount was did away with on the last re-write of JSP 752. All you need is to be covered for business travel.
big_bad_bill said:
It used to be 10 mil, but the amount was did away with on the last re-write of JSP 752. All you need is to be covered for business travel.
Cheers for that info, I did think it was a bit over the top unless I had sneaked a Chally 2 in my suitcase. :wink:


From JSP752

04.0617. Insurance Cover. It is the personal responsibility of a Service person who uses their private motor vehicle on an authorised duty journey to ensure that it is insured for business use. The driver is to sign the certificate at Annex A to this Section. The completed certificate is then to be retained by the line manager. A new certificate should be completed upon a change of vehicle or posting.

04.0618. Insurance Checks. When required, a Service person must furnish proof of insurance, by producing for inspection the policy together with the receipt for the current premium or the Certificate of Motor Insurance.

To: Line Manager

I have read and understood paragraph 04.0617, of Section 6, Chapter 4 of JSP 752. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility, when using a private vehicle for an authorised duty journey, to ensure that:

• I have a valid driving license to drive it;

• That my use of the vehicle is covered by an appropriate insurance policy, which includes use for business purposes; and

• The vehicle is, and will be kept in a roadworthy state, complies with all legal requirements and is suitable for the task.


• I will produce upon request my driving licence, insurance certificate and MOT certificate as required by my line manager, and

• I undertake to bring to my line manager’s immediate attention any changes in circumstances, which affect my use of a private vehicle for duty purposes.

Signed ………………………………………………

Date …………………..……………………
No mention of amount.

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