About to finish Rifle Coy Comd slot - the end of vocation time is nigh and perpetual staff appts beckon. Is it too late to consider a move to the City (I have a wife who is fed up with living in a military 'sink' estate)? My ex-army pals recommended private banking as an option for a mid-thirty something offr.

What does it entail? Why do so many ex-offrs choose this path? What are the qualities required?

Any other banking options at such a ripe old age?


Don't know much about banking, but I left the Armt last year and got into Management Consultancy. I recently activated my CV on and got a deluge of calls from agaencies wanting ex-mil to do consultancy work. Might be wortha shot.


Private banking at its simplest means dealing with very wealthy individuals and advising them on their investments that they make with the bank. You are not expected to know much at the start, as your main job will be to meet and greet and entertain clients. The real work gets done by the back office people: very often people who, though being rather brainy, have the social skills of a newt.

Private banks like ex-army officers because of the gravitas and integrity they bring to an organisation (Oi! Will all you people stop sniggering at the back?).

Money tends to be pish poor for the first few years until you know enough (and have passed your exams which can take several years) to start generating business and leading deals. If you are good then there is cartloads of cash to be made, depending on your bank, your clients and how hard you work and stab your fellow worker in the back.

Why did I avoid the banking sector? Because it is blöödy ruthless, without any soul and will work you harder than almost anything you have ever done. If you like leaving the house early to be in the office at 7am every day, and never leaving before 10pm then you might fit in. :)
Wasn't Private Banking in the Cheshires about 92? I'm sure I met him on attachment once...


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