Private Bainbridge IED

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bokkatankie, Mar 26, 2012.

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  1. There's not a lot that you can say apart from that series of photos shows the reality of their situation out there. A picture speaks a thousand words. As for the lad, judging by the photos of him in hospital, he looks resolute, determined and the sort of bloke who will be up dancing at the earliest opportunity if not before, and I don't think that he'll let his disability hold him back.
  2. Speedy recovery.
  3. Well done young man! It's good to see him up and about.
  4. Get well soon lad!
  5. you have my admiration. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
  6. I know the officer in charge of that patrol...Good bloke, has a lot of time for his Lads.
  7. I hope is recovery is speedy.

    Just one point from the article, since when has the Defence Medical Rehab Centre (DMRC) at Headly Court been an RAF Hospital? Typical journos not checking their facts.
  8. Speedy recovery to him...........
  9. The big RAF badge might be a give away but for your education:


    Headley Court albeit a part of the Defence Medical Education and Training Agency still remains under the administrative umbrella of The Royal Air Force however, the command of the unit can be either Army or RAF on a rotational basis. Within the structure of DMRC are medical & rehabilitation divisions that cater for the needs of patients, a training and research element to improve military rehabilitation needs and a support division that is solely responsible for the smooth running of the unit.

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  10. I have seen a young lad with two artifical legs (from the knees down) jogging around Shrewsbury recently. I am led to believe that he is an Afghan veteran. I am constantly amazed by the attitude of these guys - it makes me feel a bit ashamed when I complain to the wife that my arthritis is playing up. I really haven't got anything to whinge about.

    I have the utmost resepect for these lads. The way they pick themselves up and get on with life is nothing short of astounding. Best wishes to them all.

  11. Doc Oc tells me that it was originally commissioned as 'RAF Headley Court' in 1949, having been gifted to the nation as a hospital for Aircrew by the Chartered Institute of Surveyors....up to about 1991 officers went to Headley and other ranks to JSMU Chessington, down the road.....under Options for Change, Chessington was sold off and
    the former RAF Headley Court became tri-Service DMRC.

    As anyone who has been there will tell you, it remains a light blue establishment in it's heart of hearts...current CO is also RAF , a Group Captain .

    ( This can be a bit of an irritation to Army COs who think a PR visit to the Army's Rehab Centre can be arranged with a phone call by one's MA....)

    PS further to Bokka's post above, that's from an old website....DMETA folded into Joint Medical Command (JMC) in 2008. About to change again so I'm told.
  12. Stephen you clearly a very courageous, robust and driven man. I wish you a speedy recovery and all the very best for the future

  13. Think that it was a little earlier than 1991 that OR's were at Headley Court, I was there in 86 and all ranks were accommodated and rehabilitated at Headley Court, as you approached the end of your rehabilitation and became designated a "late" you were taken to Chessington whatever your rank and problem.

    Very much an RAF outfit though with Battle of Britain day being regarded as a day of celebration.

    Hope they are doing as good a job now as they were then, sadly they have far more patients to help though.