Privacy rights in SFA accomadation?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by craftsmen28, Sep 24, 2009.

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  1. Bit of an odd one this, tried looking through JSP's online via Dii and come up with diddly squat in addition Due to our company bouncing all over the place I cannot find a copy of Queens regs - the only one with it is the one causing the issue and he is not exactly a fella you can reason with.

    Simply people have taken to using the master keys to wander into our rooms unnaccompanied to 'inspect' or for 'health and safety issues'. If it was a one off I wouldn't grumble but it is every week.

    I know after reading my insurance policy that it is now invalid. I thought hey could only enter our rooms accompanied? I do not object to inspections - happy with them as some grots need sorting out but due to the knackered state of our lockers etc they are not lockable nor was our CQ's happy (try raging), when we put our own locks on them. We have tried work arounds to secure our equipment but can't' In addition we feel we have no privacy or even our own space. Are they allowed to do this?
  2. I take it you mean SLA not SFA there?

    AFAIK 'they' are allowed to inspect accommodation to ensure that the room is being kept hygienic and isn't a total grot hole. I am open to correction on this but I believe there must be at least 2 people doing the inspection to ensure nothing untoward happens, vis-a-vis swiping kit.

    Guess you'll have to pick up all your dwarf ******* mags from the floor then! :D
  3. Just a fact of life in the Army, power crazed little w4nkers with too much time on their hands. Love to see it happen in the Married Quarters and Officer's Mess though.

    Sadly you will have to learn how to live with it or put in a complaint of theft next time it happens, especially if the Q bloke is there.
  4. Report a pile of cash that you'd saved up for a new car/holiday/new TV/whatever that you'd left in your room (unsecured because your locker's knackered) missing. It was there when you went to work that morning, the only person who's been in there since is x.

    (if you really want to be a t-wat!)
  5. You didnt say who was doing the 'snap' inspections but im gathering its a senior rank at least.

    If I was in your position I would firstly approach my line manager (assuming that isnt the person who is doing it), I would tell him that I wasnt comfortable about not being informed about the inspection and not being there for it.

    If that didnt work Id request an OC's interview, again if that didnt work Id write a letter to the CO (which only contains fact and explains the steps youve already taken).

    Id also make sure that the block was gleaming ALWAYS, especially communal areas.

    Remember mate, ALWAYS use the chain of command, starting as low as possible and only moving up if the issue isnt resovled with out justification. Doing it this way is the professional way to do it as well as saving you loads of aggro.

    You could claim something has been stolen but you'd look like a c0ck and be in a world of poo if youre caught out...and remember the boy who cried wolf.
  6. Man up and get over it, be thankful you have accommodation
  7. Spoken like a true pad.
  8. Which part of dreamland do you inhabit, the army is nd always will be a bent organisation with unfair circumstances. Your advice is careeer suicide. Idealists!
  9. I would disagree. Definite breaches of civil rights to privacy are bound to ALL employers.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it doesn't or shouldn't happen. But I am saying that he may have a definite cause for complaint.

    Whether he makes a complaint, or thinks through the implications and (admittedly unfair) consequences of his complaint, are entirely his own decision.
  10. Bad day at the office :?

    Behave :roll:
  11. This is a genuine issue, and not the first time it has come up.

    Sometimes it is possible to improve the situation by raising awareness of the actual rules and standards, and making it more difficult to abuse the authority conferred by Queen's Regulations.

    Part 17 of QRs require regimental inspections of accommodation, normally once a month and supervised by an offr of field rank. A Commanding Officer may also authorise rounds and inspections for a proper military purpose such as security, health and safety.

    Are these inspections announced in unit orders, or is there something about inspections in local standing orders?

  12. This is a real question. Unless people address such issues they'll continue to occur.
    I'm not saying that everyone should question everything, but certain suspect occurences should at least be investigated.
    Rank brings with it privileges. pay, responsibilities. But it does not bring the right to abuse juniors.


    But the point stands.

  13. Rank should not be an issue. Be it singlies rooms or a Qtr, as far as I am aware anyone entering your room/Acomm should be accpanied by an RMP.

    I stand by to be corrected, however, if someome went in my room/ Qtr without just cause, I would be kicking off.
  14. It would seem that you are a person who is quite happy to sit there and bitch about things in general but has no balls to step forward and stand up for your own rights. You may think Im in a dream world but the attitude of the Army hiarchy is changing all the time, so much so I answered a questionnaire about the SLA where Im at only yesterday, as the brig cmdr wants to know soldiers views.
    Sometimes you have you risk being in the Sh*t to make a point, not just sit in the background saying whats the saying 'why bother cos no one will listen and ill be in the poo'.
  15. Not at all. But if you're balls are so big why are you not on the front page front page of the Sun rather than hiding on here giving advice that could seriously ruin someone's career?

    The military heirachy, at unit level, would never let anyone get away with challenging the system, no chance of beating it whatsoever.

    Brigadiers cause surveys to be conducted because it ticks the right boxes.