Privacy Policy Update

We have always had a privacy policy of sorts on ARRSE; in the early days pretty much unspoken and for the last few years in the form of various 'we won't flog your details' posts and the in depth security article in the wiki. We have never felt the need to go too overboard about policies for three reasons:

  1. We hold only the bare minimum of information - an email address and IP addresses than can be matched against it, and without descending into the detail of the wiki article, in 99% of cases the IP address is utterly useless in identifying anyone.
  2. We don't do anything with this limited data that we hold, except send a bi-monthly newsletter which I think the majority of recipients approve of.
  3. We are a small band of determined men, so there is no great corporate structure for the data to get spread about.

We have now formalised the privacy policy in a boring standard document - link at the bottom of the page.
I read the privacy statement in full so that must make me boring :yawn:

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