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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by gado, May 28, 2005.

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  1. I'm looking for a bit of advice really. . . . . . .

    Having been out in the feild basha'ing up for the past week, doing all that wary, cam cream stuff. We return to barracks, looking foreward to a hot bath and a night in our own beds (with a vodka or two thrown in). Only to find that since we had been away, one of the RQMS'/RSM'S had aquired a master key for our rooms & had had a really good rumage through all our stuff! Not only the military stuff, but my underware draw had been gone through along with my jewlery box.

    Is this allowed?
  2. I think if the unit have concerns that drugs are floating around they can ask The RMP's to search rooms, but im sure its only the RMP's who can go through
    Blokes lockers not the RSM ect.
  3. theres definately human rights issue there!
  4. I'm sure it's not allowed unless you are there (or it's a properly authorised police search) and there has to be a legitimate reason for any search. Presumably this was done on some sort of official basis so you can find out what it was all about and complain if it was not done iaw the rules; if not, I suspect the RMP would love to have a chat with a RQMS or SSM about rummaging in female soldier's knicker drawers!

    There could be a serious implication where an individual is carrying out unofficial searches - supposing you dscovered something missing or damaged - unless this was all above board your insurance may not pay out. If you suddenly found yourself the victim of identity theft, where will the suspicion land?

    Incidentally, I looked for you in the sandpit recently.....
  5. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    bloody hell we all know that when we sign up we sign our lives over, if it was a drug issue there would have been a warning on the naafi notice board :lol:
  6. get the locks changed
  7. true, but anyone going through peoples posessions is totally wrong unless its
    old bill..............
  8. :roll:
  9. Is your (priceless) antique gold ring still there? what about the £500 in cash you had in you drawer?


  10. Where theres blame theres a claim!!
  11. We put too much Sh*t down to we signed up for this. We are human beings and have the same right to privacy as everyone else, its totally wrong for others to go through your stuff no matter what rank and the older i get and the more rank i acheive i like it or tolerate the boll**s even less.............. :evil: :evil: :evil:
  12. I totally agree mate................
  13. As an equal Ops advisor you are well up for making a full on complaint on this. Go get em !!
  14. Absolutely not!

    {From discussion with my friendly neighbourhood RMP}

    To search a soldiers accommodation, it must be done by the RMP/SIB, who must have a search warrant.

    To get a search warrant, they have to convince their boss of the validity of the request. After that, they have to go to YOUR CO and ask his permission before the search can be carried out

    Sounds like you have a case to me!

  15. Look like yet another example of bored RSMs/CSMs.

    Go all the way with this one and show the cnut that they can't always get away with doing whatever the hell they want 8)