Priti Vacant?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrShanklysboots, Nov 8, 2017.

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  1. No problem. Saves gobbing on it.
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  2. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    Priti Patel reminds me of Violet in the Just William stories - she'll scweam and scweam until she makes herself sick...

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  3. Flight

    Flight LE Book Reviewer

    Fco now admitting that a 'junior official' may have bumped into Priti.

    Might have done too whilst escorting her and the Minister for the Middle East, who isn't exactly junior, to see Israel's foreign minister.
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  4. Even more girst to the rumour mill.

    The traditionally Arabist FCO bring down a minister who is a conservative friend of Israel, whilst she is poaching on their turf.

    This is much better than what the plod managed with some chap on his bicycle.
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  5. IIRC there's a chapter on this subject in the Whitehall Manual, aka 'Yes Minister' and 'Yes Prime Minister'.
    Come to think of it, there's also a chapter on how to deal with the problem of a British woman imprisoned in oily places.
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  6. I am not sure there is anything in British government that cannot be explained by reference to "Yes, Minister"

    The Middle East in a nutshell.

    I think the rest of British society can be explained through the works of Terry Pratchett.
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  7. Flight

    Flight LE Book Reviewer

    Michael Oren, Israeli deputy minister for public diplomacy, apparently sent a report of Priti's successful meeting to our ambassador...

    Hence if it was extra curricular and in breach of protocol the FCO would have told the PM three months ago.

    Completely blows the FO's version of events out of the water. Though that version seems to be changing anyway...
  8. Flight

    Flight LE Book Reviewer

    The official rationale for which was that the Kingdoms wouldn't deal with anyone who dealt with Israel.

    Now the Sauds are besties with the Israelis as they both fear Iran. New facts and all, though not ones noted in Whitehall's dust it appears..

    If there were to be a Tory leadership election then the trick would be to slot the Mog early on. If he got down to the final two, where it would be put to the Turnips, he would win.

    Hence given a likely remainer / brexiter split the next most popular with the Turnips is.. Boris.
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  9. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Traditonally Arabist meaning|:

    - ' focussing scarce resources on countries in a region with whom we have had friendly relations since 1920'

    rather than

    ' Being led by the nose by a small, violent, selfish, racist enclave surrounded by enemies ' ? very foolish of the blinkered shirt lifting pinkos in King Charles Street :-D

    Ms Patel screwed takes great skill to get fired by the FCO...good effort that female.

    Fingers crossed Penny Mordaunt takes a big breath (yeth aren't they?) and gets stuck in chop choppitty chop.

    DFID has been a Dept overreaching itself since Blair's time...needed reining in for ages.

    'Dear Penny,

    congrats on the new post from all at King Alfred.

    Bye the bye, can you ask your splendid AUS(Fin) just WHAT UK PLC has got in return for our twenty million quid a year gifted to the Peoples Democratic Republic of Vietnam ?

    ( I had that Ho Chi Minh in the back of my fast black once.Splendid sort)

    Tinkety tonk old thing, what?

    hugs and stuff,

    Charlie Oscar.
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2017
  10. @Goatman

    So many truths spoken in jest!
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  11. They limit eodmatt's access to the internet. Money well spent.
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  12. Corrected.
  13. Perhaps we need another world war?

    A very rose tinted view of yesteryear.

    Did MPs get everything right in the post war years?
  14. Donald's working on it.
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