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Priti Vacant?

Probably not Priti's fault. The entire political, CS and media establishment has deliberately ignored or even airbrushed out any mention of immigration levels - both legal and illegal. The universal understanding is "don't mention it, and ignore public disquiet".

There is no indication that the "Conservative" party is any different. When they issue some blather about the NHS, housing, or any other domestic policy issue, its notable that they never mention the demand side of the problem driven by population increase.

In other news, c.£50bn in cash appears to be missing from circulation in UK. Evidence, perhaps of the sheer scale of the criminal and black shadow economies in operation.

Government really doesn't seem to have a clue what goes on in UK....

Sadly I have a declining faith in 'Priti the barbarian', but it is as tempered by the clear truth when you say "entire political, CS and media establishment" are either asleep at the wheel, or deliberately steering in to a deep destructive chasm.

The conservative party have and are sadly becoming more "Blue Labour" than conservative in hold a core conservative ideology or nature. More so sadly than the accusations of being a Red Tory was thrown at the 'TC' Blair years of mismanagement.

Governance to be effective does have to appeal, and consider the 'centre'. It does not need to become the centre ground in its entirety.

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