Priti Vacant?

They limit eodmatt's access to the internet. Money well spent.
It would be money better spent if you were gagged with a ball gag and had your fingers restrained to prevent you from communicating utter testicular nonsense.


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@Boumer ...I can see my grasp of foreign affairs has been severely limited by 30 plus years not working at the FCO.

Are you pro Tel Aviv because you fear that to be anti-Israel means being branded as a fascist fellow traveller?

- or because you have considered the relative merits of the case and concluded that Balfour was ...hey, dead on ?

I missed out on 'Yes Minister' originally...just a Satsuma*, down there in the weeds. I was just trying to get a job done. Not my gift to say

' I disapprove of this regime and will therefore not comply'

- although I did come across one guy who said as much in relation to sending spares to Chile. it didn't stop the transaction. Hey ho, moving on.

Consider this....

CAAT - Resources - Country Information - Saudi Arabia - The Arabian Connection: The UK Arms Trade to Saudi Arabia

Then do a bit of digging and see how much this country has sold to Israel since 1967 ? and set it against this:

Israel–United States military relations - Wikipedia

U.S. policy changed markedly after the Six-Day War of 1967, in response to a perception that many Arab states (notably Egypt) had permanently drifted toward the Soviet Union. In 1968, with strong support from Congress, U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson approved the sale of F-4 Phantom II fighters to Israel, establishing the precedent for U.S. support for Israel's qualitative military edge over its neighbors. The U.S., however, would continue to supply arms to Israel's neighbors, particularly Lebanon, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, in order to counter Soviet arms sales and influence in the region.[citation needed]

During the Yom Kippur War in 1973, the U.S. mounted a major airlift codenamed Operation Nickel Grass to deliver weapons and supplies to Israel. Over 22,000 tons of tanks, artillery, ammunition, and other materiel were delivered to aid the Israeli military in response to a large-scale Soviet resupply effort of the Arab states. The operation was paralleled by a large-scale sealift of some 33,000 tons of materiel and the transfer of 40 F-4 Phantoms, 36 A-4 Skyhawks and twelve C-130 Hercules transport aircraft to replace Israeli war losses.[11]

Bilateral military cooperation deepened under the Ronald Reagan administration in the 1980s. In 1981, U.S. Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger and Israeli Minister of Defense Ariel Sharon signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement, establishing a framework for continued consultation and cooperation to enhance the national security of both countries. In November 1983, the two sides formed a Joint Political Military Group, which still meets twice a year, to implement most provisions of the MOU.[12] Joint air and sea military exercises began in June 1984, and the United States has constructed facilities to stockpile military equipment in Israe

Then add in this: Britain is now the second biggest arms dealer in the world

Then consider the phrase ' A moral arms trade' - or << Blair's Fig Leaf >>

A great many jobs, particularly North of the line Avon - The Wash still rely on such transactions.

Personally, I've never bought the line ' Well - if we don't the French/Russians/Chinese/Yanks will '

But it might help explain the apparently 'traditionally Arabist' pov of the Foreign Office ?

pip pip, what?

* you know? ....Like a Mandarin?...but with less pips?
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Shes a grand lass, and a credit to her training
I think we will see much more of her and I dont mean in the psychical sense
She lies without much in the way of guilt showing so could go all the way. Her selection shows how much the quality in the pool has dropped.
Michael Oren, Israeli deputy minister for public diplomacy, apparently sent a report of Priti's successful meeting to our ambassador...

Hence if it was extra curricular and in breach of protocol the FCO would have told the PM three months ago.

Completely blows the FO's version of events out of the water. Though that version seems to be changing anyway...
It blows feck all out of the water. If her visit(s) was/were official she wouldn't have resigned. HTH.
Traditonally Arabist meaning|:

- ' focussing scarce resources on countries in a region with whom we have had friendly relations since 1920'

rather than

' Being led by the nose by a small, violent, selfish, racist enclave surrounded by enemies ' ? very foolish of the blinkered shirt lifting pinkos in King Charles Street :-D

Ms Patel screwed takes great skill to get fired by the FCO...good effort that female.

Fingers crossed Penny Mordaunt takes a big breath (yeth aren't they?) and gets stuck in chop choppitty chop.

DFID has been a Dept overreaching itself since Blair's time...needed reining in for ages.

'Dear Penny,

congrats on the new post from all at King Alfred.

Bye the bye, can you ask your splendid AUS(Fin) just WHAT UK PLC has got in return for our twenty million quid a year gifted to the Peoples Democratic Republic of Vietnam ?

( I had that Ho Chi Minh in the back of my fast black once.Splendid sort)

Tinkety tonk old thing, what?

hugs and stuff,

Charlie Oscar.
Mordant's an apparatchik of a particular wing. Expect nothing.


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Perhaps we need another world war?

A very rose tinted view of yesteryear.

Did MPs get everything right in the post war years?
Nope - I saying that a lot (not all) of the current crop of MP's lack experience of the world outside of politics. We're get a better crop of MP's if more had achieved something of note .

Priti Patel - Wikipedia
After graduating, Patel was recruited by Andrew Lansley (then Head of the Conservative Research Department) at Conservative Central Office having, from 1995 to 1997, headed the press office of the Referendum Party which stood candidates in most constituencies at the 1997 general election.

In 1997, Patel left to join the Conservative Party having been offered a post to work for the new leader William Hague in his press office, dealing with media relations in London and the South East of England. In August 2003, the Financial Times published an article alleging that "racist attitudes" persisted in the Conservative Party, and that "there's a lot of bigotry around". Patel wrote to the FT countering its article stating that her comments had been misinterpreted to imply that she had been blocked as a party candidate because of her ethnicity.

In 2000, aged 27, Patel left the Conservative party to work for Weber Shandwick, a PR consulting firm....Patel then moved to Diageo, the British multinational alcoholic beverages company, and worked in corporate relations between 2003 and 2007....
So, straight of of uni into a researcher's job for the Tories, then 10 years in PR firms flogging the merits of alcohol and tobacco. Proves she can talk a lot, but her practical record of achievement in the real world where profits get made is minimal.

Nope - I saying that a lot (not all) of the current crop of MP's lack experience of the world outside of politics. We're get a better crop of MP's if more had achieved something of note .

Priti Patel - Wikipedia

So, straight of of uni into a researcher's job for the Tories, then 10 years in PR firms flogging the merits of alcohol and tobacco. Proves she can talk a lot, but her practical record of achievement in the real world where profits get made is minimal.

In that case, I agree, and have often thought that a minimum age of 40 should be a prerequisite for standing for parliament.

This would hopefully ensure some work experience, unless of course it simply means that future MPs spend longer as advisors or other political bubble related jobs
She is however pro Brexit !
wot I said wivout saying it. She appears to be a good constituency MP but her Turkish fibs weren't the words of anyone who should be holding a ministerial brief. She either needs to wise up quickly and realise that what she says will be remembered or STFU, otherwise she'll be following Ms Vacant pdq.


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Foreign affairs select committee will be investigating all this next week. Could be interesting..

No Foreign Office takeover of international aid budget, says Priti Patel

So Patel was fighting back against a Boris power grab..

Priti Patel accused of overshadowing Middle East minister's mission

"It is understood that Patel’s earlier visit to Netanyahu was mentioned at Burt’s meeting in Jerusalem, meaning that Foreign Office officials should then have been advised of her trip. The Foreign Office dispute that Patel’s meeting with Netanyahu was mentioned at this meeting."

They can dispute all they like though as a report on the successful meeting was given to the deputy ambassador their story is bollocks.

Course Burt, the foreign office's Middle East minister, is also Priti Patel's junior minister for International Development. Arranging details for Bibi's Balfour dinner is quite clearly Burt's terrain, hence the idea he knew nothing about this meeting.... Lol

Also the FCO had three months to raise concerns with the Cabinet office if they felt that Patel's visit broke protocol, and did not supposedly.

After Patel fights back against Boris' power grab the BBC gets the lead at the perfect time to embarrass Netanyahu who was in London for the Balfour centenary.

Seems her enemies are resorting to lookalike porn..


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