Priti Vacant?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrShanklysboots, Nov 8, 2017.

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  1. It would appear, according to R4, that La Patel was less than Candid with Downing Street as to her meetings and movements in Israel whilst on holiday.

    The clouds are gathering for her on her return from Entebbe. Nick Robinson stated it appeared that she was trying to Freelance British foreign policy.

    Things ain't great at the moment in Government.
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  2. Priti untenable position...;)
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  3. The latest from R4 is that she'll have no brief by The time she lands in the UK. All official engagements in Africa today have been cancelled.
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  4. And now shes on her way back to the Uk at the request of Number 10. Trying times for PMTM.
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  5. She forgot to mention a meeting in London with the Israeli Foreign Minister, and there was a picture placed on Twitter of the pair of them on the outside terrace at the HoP with the London Eye in the background - and she did not mention it to TM PM how clever is that

    Like I said in the other thread General Election anyone !

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  6. No, trying times for PP not TM. A government full of individuals is the price you pay for your GE campaign being lackluster and out of touch with the electorate, just when you'd think a huge majority was theirs for the taking.

    For all this talk about PMTM losing people from her Cabinet, it pales into comparison with the amount of people being either sacked or resigning from the Shadow Cabinet since JC rose to power.
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  7. By all accounts and her own admissions, she went right off political piste and interfered in areas, policies, and departments outwith her job specification. In very delicate areas as well.
    What puzzles me just now is why Israel even entertained her at these levels.
    She's sharpened her own sword, so she can fall on it PDQ as far as I'm concerned.

    For me, she usually came across as pompous,self opinionated, and narcissistic person on QT panels.
    She's connected I expect and will make a living elsewhere or re-appear at Westminster after a suitable period of sackcloth and ashes. One wonders how long it will be before the moon howlers go into "outrage" mode based on ethnicity.

    It's certainly popcorn time at Westminster when that place needs to be cohesive with far greater issues.
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  8. So she's a short hop from the Pyramid stage at Glasto then? Phew!
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  9. Nah, I seriously doubt any Conservative PM would lower themselves so far into populism for votes as Labour do.
  10. Let's face it, she's not even popular with her own party so populism is a long way away.
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  11. Can someone explain to this politically naive individual, what exactly she has done wrong?
    She, apparently, went "off piste" having meetings with people(?)
    She then didn't explain precisely to members of the press corps what she had been doing(?)
    Could it be she's been operating under instruction? Keeping a low profile while trying to arrange (post Brexit) business deals?
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  12. If she was acting under instruction, I doubt she'd be getting disembowelled behind closed doors today.
    Mind you, she might have picked up a Post It note on her 'puter screen from Boris. Just the sort of thing that asshole might suggest these days.
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  13. Extremely unlikely to have been engaged in post Brexit deals with Israel when the PM calls her back from a trip to Africa before it gets going.

    I think it can be taken as granted that PP was acting off piste with her Israeli meetings as you'd expect the PM to have been informed.
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  14. Everything to do with holding office is supposed to be in an official diary and minuted/witnessed. She's a cabinet minister, she's met foreign govt representatives without it being in the diary and without official sanction/notes/witnesses means that no one knows what has been discussed nor why. She's potentially laid herself open to blackmail at the very least. Caesar's wife and all that...
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  15. The first thing that went through my somewhat Machiavellian mind was the old 'deniability' trick, and possibly acting as a smokescreen to divert attention from other parties.

    Then I remembered which particular government and players we were talking about.
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