Prisons expect influx of war veterans

Independent - War veterans make up the largest group of people in prisons and the problem is likely to get worse after a decade of conflict, an inquiry warns.

The Howard League for Penal Reform said most of the prisoners were older than the average criminal when they first offended – which was about 10 years after leaving the forces. This is when mental health problems are thought most likely to surface.

Sir John Nutting QC, chairman of the inquiry, said he expected the problem to peak because it was now 10 years since British forces were first committed to Afghanistan, followed by Iraq.

The inquiry found there were about 3,000 former service personnel in jail, or 3.5 per cent of the prison population in England and Wales.

Sir John called for those leaving military service to be screened for post-traumatic stress disorder. Police should be made more aware of the problem and the Veterans in Custody scheme should be expanded.


Mark The Convict

War veterans make up the largest group of people in prisons
By what margin? Did the prisoners themselves claim that they were 'war veterans', or was this verified by prison authorities? Genuine questions, BTW. Anyone know?
Decieving figures based on someone just saying 'I was in the army' without any follow up confirmation.

My brother was given a large sentence within a year of him getting out of the army, think he moved through about 5 or 6 prisons in the first 3 years then through another couple as he was re-classified from Cat A downward. According to him prison isnt 'full of squaddies', it's full of bullshitters and chancers who are experts at playing the system. There were ex soldiers there granted, and wierdly enough when he was at Dovegate he was padded up with a guy who had been in the same battalion in a different decade but on the whole he said there were usually guys who had done a few weeks depot, a fair few TA types and those that knew a bit of 'PTSD' or some service related issues would get them prescribed some jellies or a decent liquid cosh every day to get there heads down and get through their time.

Some Prison Officers arent adverse to a bit of walting either, there was an 'ex para' working on my brothers wing who pinged his reg tattoo on his shoulder and asked him what battalion, the shit house then avoided him for the next few months, took his airborne tie pin off and pressed pause on his canteen break war stories.
Independent - War veterans make up the largest group of people in prisons
Story from 2008:

Data protection rules are preventing the number of military veterans in prison from being discovered, BBC News has learned.
Figures suggest 8,500 of the UK's prison population of about 93,000 men and women may have been in the forces.
Probation officers have raised concerns that increasing numbers of former service personnel are going to jail. But the Ministry of Justice said the consent of prisoners involved would be needed to carry out accurate research.

BBC NEWS | UK | Data laws hamper MoD prison study

From Wiki:
The British Armed Forces are a purely professional and volunteer force, with a reported personnel strength in August 2010 of 194,440[3] professional (Regular) troops and 39,420[4] volunteer forces. (Total of 233,860 troops). The British Armed Forces constitute the second largest military in the EU in terms of professional personnel and reserves. In addition, the British Armed Forces have 191,300[5] regular reserves.
That's nearly 1/4 of a million serving. I'd suggest that not many do a full 22 but even if they all did lets say when they left aged 40 they lived for another 40 years (80 is pretty much average now) thats at least time for 2 more 'generations' to serve which makes it 3/4 of a million. Add in those still alive from national service (like my father) and when HM Forces were vastly larger than now you must be up around 1.5 million ex military or around 4% of a UK population of 60,000,000 (not including the unknown number of immigrants).
So, who's up for a bank job? I've got some shotguns I can saw off. If we fail, we're in pokey with a bunch of squads, talking shite, free bed, free meals, free TV, and a pool table. It's like the Army, without the Ops, and less bullshit.

If we succeed, we're all minted. Win win if you ask me.

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