Prisons down to last 2,000 places. Possible solutions?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chocolate_frog, Jun 18, 2006.

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  1. Prisons are said to be at breaking point as they reach the last 2000 places.

    Full story here

    With Blair saying that judges are too lenient, but no where else to store the nations flotsam, what now?
  2. rollmat and doss bags - stick one extra person in per room - problem solved

    let them "discuss" who gets the floor and who the bed
  3. Apparently there are also "Health and Safety" implications about putting more in the prisons.

    I personally favour a work routine. If all cons get 8 hours in bed that means we can have 3 to a bed, with the cons moving through a three way cycle. 8 hours in bed, 8 hours hard labour, 8 hours to admin themselves/meet the family/etc.

    Works on a submarine I believe, and if it is good enough for the Andrew it is good enough for them.
  4. Surely we could just have a big clean out of the repeat offenders, that'd probably free up a good number of places in the prisons. How much do you reckon 50,000 rounds of 9mm would cost the tax payer?
  5. Release every single last convict in prison at the minute.

    BUT only if they promise (and cross their hearts and hope to die) not to be naughty in the future.

    If they are naughty, then they get sent to their rooms with no dinner, and no Sky TV.

    If they don't promise then remove their dessert privileges for 1 week.

    Sounds like a feasible Neu Arbeit plan to me.
  6. i heard that we have a shortage of fig 11 and 12 targets at the minute
  7. So we get them working 16 hours a day to make thousands of fig 11 and 12 targets? :D :D :p
  8. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Give them all a tent,a roll mat & a slug & ship the b****rds off to a remote island off the Falklands coast used for target practice!
  9. Time share?

    But only if I get the free holiday.
  10. Just empty the prisons all out bar the worst violent offenders. The complexion of the country won't perceptably change and it will free up more moolah for the incomers to claim in state benefits.
    The prisons will then be nice and empty and ready to house all the English patriots who dare to voice protest at the dismantling of our beloved nation.
  11. nope let them live on the range and if they can survive x amount of days then they can be set free you could alter the time and weapons used to suit their crime
  12. I know what you meant, I was just trying to be funny...
  13. Plenty of space at Shaibah Log Base & Basra if we move out (taking all the OWP kit with us) and repopulate with prison scum.
  14. Ship them to afganistian in a couple of hundred years might make it a reasonable place worked in australi sort of . :D
  15. 9mm ammo isn't that much nowadays, shipping them to 'stan is another good idea.