Prisoners to get massages

Sorry, it is a Sun report.....

LAGS at a new prison are to be given MASSAGES to beat stress.

Two “holistic therapists” will each be paid £9,000-a-year for 20-hour weeks pampering the 216 male inmates and 95 female jailbirds.

Prisoners will also have the chance to try out reflexology, aromatherapy, Indian head massage and techniques like reiki and shiatsu.

But the move at privately-run £65million Peterborough Prison, Cambs, sparked fury last night.

Local Tory MP Stewart Jackson said: “Are they using it as a holiday camp? Inmates should be taught basic skills, such as reading and writing, to aid their rehabilitation.”

Councillor David Sanders, a police authority member, said: “If I was a victim of crime I would feel very let down. This seems ridiculous.”

Burglary victim Danny Giles, 84, said: “This is disgusting.

“These people know what they are doing and are in prison to be punished, not pampered.”

The jail — which opened in March — is run by UK Detention Services.

It said the new staff would also run education programmes for inmates to learn healing and massage skills

Prison director Mike Conway said: “The incidence of self-harm among female prisoners is very high and this is part of an initiative to help resolve that problem.”

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