Prisoners to earn perks

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DesktopCommando, Apr 30, 2013.

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  1. Prisoners Must Earn Right To TV And Perks

    Prisoners will be made to earn perks such as televisions in their cells and the ability to wear their own clothes in a new Government clampdown.

    Violent and sexually explicit 18-rated movies will also be banned from jails in England and Wales under changes to the Incentives and Earned Privileges (IEP) scheme.

    The current scheme allows inmates to get privileges - such as a television set in their cell and full gym access - for the avoidance of bad behaviour.

    But the Government wants inmates to take part in work and education programmes to earn the perks instead.

    Justice secretary Chris Grayling said: "It is not right that some prisoners appear to be spending hours languishing in their cells and watching daytime television, while the rest of the country goes out to work.

    "For too long there has been an expectation that privileges are an automatic right, given as a reward for staying out of trouble. This cannot continue.

    "There will be a new entry level for all prisoners in the first two weeks of sentence where perks, including private cash will be restricted.

    "All male prisoners will be made to wear prison uniform while on entry level. Regulations for women prisoners are under review.

    "All prisoners could find themselves working a longer day and will not be allowed to watch television when they should be working."

    Mr Grayling added: "Only by tackling bad behaviour and taking part in education or work programmes as well as addressing any alcohol or drug issues can we cut reoffending."

    The changes will see subscription channels removed from private prisons and inmates will have to earn the right to wear their own clothes.

    The scheme allows prisoners to work up specific levels of privileges through good behaviour and, in turn, lose perks if they do not reach the appropriate standards.

    Other major changes include a new privileges level - called entry - for prisoners in their first two weeks of sentence where perks including access to private cash will be restricted.

    At the end of this period, inmates who have not co-operated with the regime will drop to basic level while those who do will progress to standard.

    All male prisoners will have to wear a uniform when they are on entry levels.

    Prison regimes are also to change so that inmates work a longer day and will not be allowed to watch television when they should be working.

    Ben Gunn, who served 32 years for murder, dismissed the idea that prisoners live a pampered life as "absurd" and warned the changes could lead to riots.

    He told Sky News: "They will be harmful, expensive, they will possibly increase suicide rates and possibly prison disturbances and they won't reduce crime one bit.

    "The privileges that Mr Grayling wants to remove are ones that prisoners have earned by complying with certain behavioural standards. They complied with a deal.

    "Now Mr Grayling is waking up and on a political whim, coming into their cells and taking them away.

    "That is deeply deeply unfair and that will be felt as unjust by prisoners and when prisoners feel unjustly dealt with, many responses can follow from that - not all of them pleasant."

    Frances Crook, from the penal reform group the Howard League, also disagrees with the changes.

    She says: "There have been numerous inspectorate reports published recently which have found prisons struggling to offer any purposeful activity within their walls, this problem will only get worse.

    "It is bizarre then to introduce new layers of red tape which will only add to the cost of prison and demands on staff time."


    How long til the uman rights fraternity starts yelling ?
  2. Its ****ing bullshit.

    All prisoners are required to attend education or work if convicted. The problem is the lack of jobs in prisons.

    Would you want to be one of the six screws taking tv's off 200 pissed off prisoners?

    Since tv was introduced into every cell, violence in prisons has reduced dramatically.
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  3. I was on nights when we had the TV's installed in one prison, quietest set of nights i'd ever done, bored prisoners can soon make problems.
  4. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Several things wrong:

    There are only 2 circumstance when a prisoner should only serve 32 years for murder - the first is when they die after 32 years in prison and the second is in the very rare and exceptional circumstance that they demonstrate that they have reformed above and beyond and are sorry and I'm talking about VC levels of above and beyond. A life sentence should in normal circumstance mean until dead.

    There will be a few less criminals so we'll save money on locking them up and there will be less crime. Win win.

    No, whats unfair is that normal hardworking law-abiding tax payers work so that they can pay for the privileges of people who have not earned them. indeed people who have set out to wreck the lives of other people. I'm sorry if prisoners feel unjustly dealt with - well no I'm not sorry, because the rest of society, the mugs who pay for it all feel unjustly dealt with.
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  5. It's a bit sexist isn't it as it only pertains to male prisoners?
  6. Look's like we might be in for a summer of prison riots then.

    Still, as long as the hang em and flog em brigade lot are ok with it eh!

    I'm not particularly interested in making prison easy for inmates. They are in prison for a reason and some of them have done some pretty awful things but there is a reality about this decision that will make it more dangerous for prison officers to do their work because of a political decision.

    No doubt, load's of extra resources are being ploughed in to ensure prison officers safety and ultimately, the safety of the public as well. Oh look! Flying pigs!!!
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  7. Yuman rites innit! It's degradin' to make me work innit!
  8. So, they've not taken up my suggestion for 'Her Majestys correctional recycling centres' then?

    Bin lorries drive in to yard, empty, and when everything is sorted into the correct recycling hoppers they can have dinner and go back to their cells and watch telly, seems like a fair trade off to me!
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  9. No TV's. Oh Dear, How Sad, Never Mind

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  10. More private prisons, less staff, poor training, that'll work well.
  11. Present system seems to work OK and is appropriate for 1st offenders...I have long been an advocate of more Spartan regimes inside even including hard labour, but for repeat offenders. A prison term should offer the opportunity for rehabilitation as well as punishment in the first instance and if you shit on that chance and end up back inside again then hell mend you, double your sentence and start breaking rocks (with no TV or PS3's).
  12. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Anyone know the name of the boy that Gunn killed? I didn't think so.
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  13. Doubt it will affect private prisons without renegotiation of contracts.
  14. So having TVs will keep them quiet? Well why not let them have their wives/girlfriends with them too. They would be happier and content. Golf? A round of golf would be nice, as would the odd spliff while playing on their PS3. Uniforms might be itchy so I also think Dress Down Fridays is a good shout
    In Fact would they be happier at home.................................. No wait!
  15. Who cares? Write to the Times or your MP but don't bother us you tedious twerp.

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