Prisoners to be "re-named"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Jan 1, 2009.

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  1. Scum seems very appropriate!!! Sorry in these very PC times, it would have to be Mr or Miss Scum
  2. or mrs...dr...etc. :roll:
  3. penal slaves
  4. I always preferred 'convict'.
  5. Reminds me of the scene from the movie Runaway Train, in which the Warden make a speech to the cons:

    "Let me explain the hierachy in here: first there's God. Then me. Then my guards. Then the dogs in their kennels outside.

    Finally there's you - pieces of human waste!" :clap:
  6. Figure 11s?
  7. Minesweepers? Route Clearers? Targets?
  8. You are David Blunkett and I claim my £10! :D
  9. We use the term 'Inmate' John Doe #12345- in all official reports and forms; they don't like the term inmate, but they perfer 'convict' but you can call them whatever you want...detainee,offender,resident...or various derogatory terms if you like!
  10. Few spring to mind
    feckless wasters (not all) some have been caught for less than politicians get paid to do

    Inmates was brought in to allow the poor unfortunates to escape the stigma of being known as Convicted Persons.

    I did a spell in regional detention centre whilst in RAF (14days) we were known as servicemen under sentence and by god didn't we know it.

    Sod their rights they should have to put up with whatever the silent majority who are not convicted of crimes, wish to call them, they were put away to protect us (in the most part) some of them should have just been taken out, dumped at the front line of the Stan or Iraq. Then maybe we wouldn't be saying goodbye to yet another young lad who never got the chance to be more than a statistic except to his family & mates.

    I still find it to accept that there are some f*%"ing apologists out there who think that those in jail are victims, too bloody many people making money out of this PC sh8t and who ends up paying us poor bloody taxpayers who obey for the most part the laws of the country we live in. we all break some of the rules, usually to do with driving, How the hell can what was once a great country be so subservient to the ********* of Downing Street, Brussels and the unelected feckwits who are the Human Rights Brigade. We should ignore all these Barstewards until they have the Balls to stand alongside the Guys & Girls doing their dirty work for them. I would pay my wages to see Cherie Bliar working on a dustcart for a week, I don't know how much I'd give to see the Politicos doing a true patrol in Helmand but you get the Picture.

    I somehow thing I have a strong opinion on these matters, though this is the first time I have posted so dramatically. God Bless all the Armed forces on duty wherever, RIP to the lad lost yesterday. The revolution is well overdue
  11. Darling? Or is that just in the showers?

    I read earlier that more than 1% of the adult population of the USA is now in prison. Surely the prison population can't keep rising indefinitely? Building more prisons doesn't seem to be working over there.

    How about working them hard on little treadmills, like hamsters, to help the national grid? The hard workers get to wear trainers.

    Maybe Soylent Green is the answer?
  12. Fresh fish?

    New meat?

    Mah little Puppy... :twisted:
  13. When they stopped giving a fcuk about the law, and by default the rest of society, they lost (or should have lost) their rights to be called anything but something derogertory.

    If you don´t want to be called "inmate" or "convicted scum" don´t be naughty.

    Day one, week one, lesson one. Respect is earnt. Thieving, raping, murdering and kiddie fiddleing tend to move you DOWN the respect chain.
  14. penal Recruit