Prisoners sueing over poor accommodation

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bobos, Jul 4, 2007.

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  1. BBC News says 2 prisoners are seeking compensation over poor accommodation and if they win their case, the flood gates will open for loads of extra prisoners to seek accommodation.

    WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!! what would happen if the vast majority of servicemen, home, abroad and on ops, took the goverenment to court over their crap accommodation. It really is the biscuit when the government will bend over backwards (Peter Mendleson stop smiling !) for the f***ing low life and the pond life in this country and does sweet FA for those who keep it in power and enforce its policies.

    Nruse, get me a lawyer.
  2. Afraid it is just another symptom of 10 years of Nu-Labour spin and no action.

    Like it or not the prisoners do have a pretty strong case though because A Wing in Norwich Prison had been closed awaiting demolition because the Chief Inspector of Prisons official inspection resulted in it being classified as "wholly unfit" and "appalling". HMP Service agreed with that.

    But it got reopened because of the current problems despite foul water running down the wall of the cells and onto floors, pigeons and rodent infestations, very few dirty showers and no heating.

    High Court has ordered an Environmental Health Inspectior to determine if it is fit for human occupation, which is fair enough.
  3. Human Rights Act mate innit. I think you'll probably find that HRA doesn't apply to service housing. It doesn't apply to NHS patients - hence they can be left to wallow in one another's sh1t until they die of C.diff.

    Does anybody know whether the prisoners are getting legal aid for this?
  4. As the inhabitants can hardly be classed as human, couldn't the Health Inspector be better employed elsewhere ?
  5. I wouldn't want to bet against it mate, or some Cherie Bliar type doing it buckshee because they love scrotes and their human rights.

    what about the rights of their victims FFS? :pissedoff:
  6. Sounds like some barracks I have been to.
  7. Montgomery Lines Aldershot, and you had to pay to stay there.
    There was me thinking prison was a punishment.
    Stale Bread and and water, locked up for 24 hours a day and sentences with no remission
  8. Likewise remember having a few inches of raw sewage floating around the bottom floor of the block and the failure of the local PROM to deal with it as an emergency as a kid wasn't involved :x
  9. Nah; stale bread and water fine - but make the cnuts do hard labour in a chain gang. At the end of their shift, back into cold cells with no tv, radios etc. Family vists only one per month - and only if the prisoner has an exemplary record of behaviour. :twisted:
  10. All the others must be clean then.
  11. Linkage

    A quote on the news this morning said that you wouldn't keep an animal in the conditions in the wing - if that's the case then it should be ideal for criminals. If you can't do the time etc etc.
  12. Hasn’t this been reported before? Not surprised, seems to be ‘how it is’ these days – the funny thing is, they probably will win. But I find it extraordinary that the conditions of a jail seem to be more important than where their victims are now housed, 6 foot under.

    This country is so wrong, none of it makes sense anymore as far as im concerned.

    New expensive paving slabs in my town while soldiers are low on weapons. Home owners getting sued by their burglars and losing. Grannys getting sent to jail for not paying their council tax cos her druggie neighbours were putting dirrty aid infected syringes through her letter box and the police wouldn’t do anything. The judicial system being full of corrupted old hags who are out of touch with reality. Need I go on.
  13. Don't know if this has already appeared on the forum elsewhere? Did you know that those prisoners dicharged under the latest early release scheme are being paid £174.00 compensation for being released early!
  14. Is that from the Daily Mail or a reliable news source? Don't prisoners get some money on release to tide them over until they get a job/sign on/start twoccing again*?

    *Delete as applicable
  15. For my sins,I am a prison officer!