Prisoners of War British Army 1939-1945

Does anyone on here have a copy of this book? Prisoners of War British Army 1939-1945, By J.B.Hayward and son. ISBN No 0-903754-61-4

who could do a look up for me??
Donald Maclennan last four were 3102? captured 1940, in the Highland Division, and many many thanks
i can do it tomorrow for you..books in museum libary,,
it will only give you apart from what you know his pow number and camp
and regt roll number..
Cheers Pupster, so it wont show what unit he was in? Thats a bugger as well all the time ive been looking at him being in the Argylls, he may not have been.
2923102 WO11 D.McLennan (not Maclennan) Pow Camp 344(Lamsdorf) PoW No 16381, He was in the The Queens Own Cameron Highlanders.

You could also try the Liberation Questionnaires in (WO344) at the National Archives.

The Regimental allocation of blocks of Numbers for the Cameron Highlanders are:
Many Thanks :D He defo is MacLennan, my mums Dad, but he was in a piece of paper i used to have down as McLennan, funny thing, his last 4 are the same as mine, but youve been a star, oh and thanks to Pup for your offer.

Now i can see that my hunt in the Argylls which i thought he was in, proved fruitless, and a WO11 he was Battalion Pipe Major which would tie in, all i need now is the name of the German who bashed him about his head for his watch which caused his death a few years after the war :x

Will follow your lead about the NA, again many thanks youve really helped more than you know. Owe you one.
Well now found out he was in the 4th Battalion from 1932 to 1940 as Drum Major not Pipe-Major, and then in P.O.W camp till 45, again thanks to Arrsers, many thanks.

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