Prisoners in chain-gang claims

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ABrighter2006, May 14, 2007.

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  1. BBC Webpage: Prisoners in 'chain-gang' claims

    Heard about this a few months ago - with an over populated prison system, the pressure on prisons to allow prisoners out on works' parties is now greater than ever.

    It seems that a number of employment agencies are now using the system to supply prisoners to resource desparate employers.

    Isolated incident, or have ARRSE'rs come across prisoners where they didn't expect them?
  2. What exactly is the problem with making criminal SOBs work eh? A bit of sweat and labor is certainly better use of their time than kicking back watching television all day.
  3. Quickly scanning the article it came across as NIMBYism. They can't do that, what about my boys, there taking our jobs. Erm sorry, if your boys don't want to work nights and the work needs doing then tough.

    It's about time the prison population were put to use. This way the learn how to be idle outdoors and get paid for it when they leave prison.

    IMHO of course

  4. It seems to be a reasonable form of rehabilitation for the population in our prisons. Good work.
  5. I note with interest that the complainer is Bob Crow, General Secretary of the RMT. If I were a cynic I would say that this is a prelude to some form of industrial action because of the affront to his members, but of course that couldn't be true could it?
  6. Best news ive heard all day, about time they did something to repay their debt to society, idle fcukwits, about time they stopped playing playstation and snooker in prison and got grafting, if they run out of railways to build/repair, ive got a new fence needs putting up in my backgarden, they can even watch the next door neighbour topless sunbathing,
  7. Bob Crow is a communist pr1ck. What astonishes me is that the prisoners are being paid for this. Why don't they work for free?
  8. Which would be fitting punishment if the gal is in her 70's... :D
  9. Penal Battalions, for those involved with knife/Gun crime, ship em out to Helmand for 12 months
  10. We could have twice as many cons in the nick now working 12 hour shifts on the chain gangs and hot bagging in thier cells.

    They should be cracking rocks in quarries by hand too!!!!!
  11. Penal battalions - now theres an idea :)
  12. Prisoners (some, but not all) have always had the opportunity to work. Where was the outcry from the National Union of Mail Bag Sewers and Allied Trades all those years ago? I didn't hear it, although I might if Bob Crow had been at the helm.

    And according to the radio news just now, it's not a 'chain gang'. No-one is in chains for goodness' sake. As has been said before, at least it's a step towards rehabilitation.
  13. Khyros said
    Oh I dont know . jumpers, wooly hats ,scarves all come to mind

  14. Bob Crow's a hero. Probably the last of the old style Union leaders, not scared to shout the odds with the bosses and the government and only too willing to stand up for the rights of his members.

    There's nowt wrong with that in my book. He's a fine example to young people - who may never have known what it means to fight for and protect hard won wages and conditions.