Prisoners given their own keys to their cells!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by commander-adama, Mar 26, 2007.

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  1. Heard on the radio this morning that in the North East Prisoners are being given keys to their own cells.Its to "help them" apparantly!!
    The words Lunatics,Asylum and taking over spring to mind.
    Can't find a link!
  2. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Heard that also and will try to put up a link when I find one.

    Britain is rapidly becoming a society where the only people with rights are those that abuse those rights. My only hope is that this PC p ish is coming so fast and furious that the public will become fed up and politicians will fear losing votes and start to treat prisoners as, well, prisoners.
  3. There's only one place to look for a story like this :wink:

    Daily Mail
  4. I wonder if I can book a few weeks in for a rest
  5. Shold have looked at the Daily Mail ex-ex,might have known that story would have been in there!
    And who is this Gerry Sutcliffe,the Govt minister!do you reckon he'd be so keen on this idea if his any of his family had been murdered or raped,or his house had been trashed by some scumbag!!
    I don't think so,the useless w****r!
  6. gawd, what on earth is this country of ours coming to ? ... it's just soooooo depressing ... i put it all down to the "do gooders" of the 70's - who amongst other things said it was wrong to "punish" children by giving them a friendly slap on the back of the head ... from that moment on discipline and respect went out the door and the jails started filling up and our wage packets went down paying for it all
  7. I am becoming more and more difficult to shock - where the fcuk is Cromwell?
  8. Bet Bliar will be proud is this achievement! It'll look good on his 'legacy'.
  9. Do they get a mat each?

    To put the key under.
  10. Or a flowerpot perhaps.

    Or they're just kept on a piece of string and tied to the door.
  11. You want to be careful about that - there might be crooks around :thumright:

  12. Apparently...

  13. This only applies to certain category prisoners with a certain level of privelege.

    The Cell Doors have two locks, during the day only one lock is used, the lock which the prisoners (and the staff) have the key for, at night the second lock is used which only the staff have keys for, its really not as free and easy as you think!!

    In the words of Max Boyce "I know 'cos....."etc etc over 7 years ago so this isnt a new thing!!
  14. Thanks geo, that's my vision of them nipping round and climbing in the window as they'd forgotten their key SHATTERED.