Prisoners get £millions for inadequate toilet facilities

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Dunservin, Mar 12, 2009.

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  1. BBC News link

    £11m has been paid to more than 3,700 prisoners after a judge ruled their human rights had been breached by having to slop out their prison cell toilets. The Scottish Parliament has even set aside £67m for more payouts this year. Those of you who have had your human rights breached owing to a lack of adequate toilet facilities could be s*itting on a gold mine but you'd better be quick before runs on the pound (or vice-versa) flush all that money down the pan.
  2. This has been known for a while and there are efforts going on in the Scottish Parliamaent to get it stopped soonest. They've asked Westminster to look into it.

    It couldn't happen in England for reasons that I didn't catch and is an unintended consequence of the act, so the MSP on Today was saying. didn't catch his name as came into it half way through.
  3. The Scottish Executive were warned about the likely liabilities and other issues around prisons, but instead chose to devote their energies to important things like banning hunting with hounds and other headine grabbing tosh.

    They were collectively stupid, they've been found wanting. QED: Stupid hurts
  4. When this was passed, prisoners in England were only allowed to claim backdated a year, whereas they left the time to claim back open in Scotland.