Prisoners demand their own pants

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by DutyCrow, Feb 28, 2007.

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  1. Inmates of Scotland's largest prison have complained of being forced to wear dirty and ill-fitting underwear, according to a report.
    Barlinnie prisoners told inspectors that they were given prison-issue underpants, socks and vests which could be stained or not the right size.

    The overcrowded Glasgow jail is the only one in Scotland to ban prisoners from wearing their own clothing.

    Chief inspector of prisons, Dr Andrew McLellan, said the issue was a concern.

    "You have to take what you are given," he added. "The underwear might fit or it might not, it might be unstained or not.

    Concerns raised

    "I think it's a very important thing if you don't get a chance to wear you own underwear. We have seen underwear which has been washed but I wouldn't call it clean."

    The inspector called for personal underwear to be issued to individual inmates and suggested that prisoners were also allowed to wear their own clothes on occasions such as family visits.

    Mr McLellan also raised concerns that too many fine defaulters were being sent to the prison, despite a Scottish Executive pledge to reduce the practice.

    The underwear might fit or it might not, it might be unstained or not

    Andrew McLellan
    HMIP chief inspector

    Full interview

    Prison inspectors found more than 10% of inmates at Barlinnie were serving time for failing to pay fines of less than £300.

    Barlinnie, in greater Glasgow, is regularly more than 40% overcrowded, housing more than 1,400 inmates compared to its design limit of 1,018.

    But under new plans defaulter numbers in Scotland's jails could be cut by 3,000 per annum.

    Mr McLellan said it cost more to keep a defaulter in jail than the amount of the fine.

    He also criticised race relations in the prison. Barlinnie has 41 ethnic minority prisoners - the most in Scotland - however inspectors found that the Race Relations Monitoring Group failed to meet often enough.

    The report also highlighted improvements at the prison, including the ending of slopping out and the upgrading of living and working conditions.

    Viable alternatives

    The First Night Centre aimed at new prisoners was particularly praised as inspectors said the experience of arriving at Barlinnie for the first time could be "terrifying".

    A Scottish Executive spokesman said it recognised that prison was "not necessarily the best place for someone who has failed to pay a fine" and insisted it was working hard to find alternatives, including supervised attendance orders.

    Interview with Barlinnie governor Bill McKinlay

    "What's more, we have introduced summary justice reforms that will see the creation of fines enforcement officers," he added.

    Barlinnie was found to have held 1,525 inmates on one occasion between April and July 2006, with remand prisoners suffering worst from overcrowding.

    Last week Justice Minister Cathy Jamieson said she was keeping prison numbers under review and that two new prisons were in the pipeline.

    Barlinnie governor Bill McKinlay said a working group had been set up to consider complaints over prison underwear.
  2. Tough. Perhaps they won't want to go back.

    This should be the example for other prisons.
  3. Sounds like the ultimate deterrent to me.

    It does paint a terrible picture, overcrowding and somebody else's stained underwear or at least a picture I'm desperately trying to get out of my head.
  4. Of course human rights of the prisoners - murderers, rapists, robbers and thives are on the first place.

    Meanwhile law-abiding citizens, victims of criminals should wait and maybe even forget about their rights.

    Those in the Scotish jail who doesn't like it should be sent to lovely Siberian camps. They will see endless Siberian forests, big revers. During long Russian winters the criminals would no doubt forget about their insignificant complaints.
  5. Should have own issue socks and pants. There shouldn't be a problem getting them clean, no shortage of personnel. If they get whichever shirt or trousers after laundry day, tough.
    I think hte point the inspector makes about 10% being in prison for non-payment of fines of less than £300 is a fair one though. This is a waste of prison space when there are more deserving causes. Make the fine defaulters work it off for the local authority at minimum wage.
  6. Or indeed washing underpants & socks for prisoners. Problem solved
  7. Sounds like a fairly reasonable request to me.

    It seems odd that some inmates get their choice of Sky channels piped into their cell, and others have to endure another persons skiddies on their rump.
  8. Good idea. They can attend on a day basis and wash pants by hand. Saves on cells and gives them a good idea why they don't want to commit any more serious crimes.
    Meanwhile, get the more serious prisoners doing hard physical work.

    Quick, phone a Tory!
  9. Some excellent ideas and it seems that some are getting close to the crutch of the matter.
  10. These crooks should have a word with their briefs...

    I'll get my prison issue donkey-jacket...
  11. Wouldn't be like them to get caught with their pants down.
  12. In HMP Chelmsford you can only wear issue kit and you get what you are given..unlucky!! if you are a knobber and gob off you will get the worst kit, if you worked in the Nicks reception you got brand new kit and could issue the knobbers with whatever you wanted, you could also get fresh clothes daily and have a shower daily unlike on the wings.

    Clothing was taken to the laundry daily but those on the wings had their clothing changed weekly, in the laundry the clothing was boiled (there are some right grotty mucky feckers in nick you have to boil it to kill the vermin... plus the socks were a polyester mix and made sweaty feet de-rigeur for all!!)

    In HMP Elmley (Kent) you could wear civvies...advisable really as they didnt issue any kit at all..... if you didnt have civvies when you went..i.e transferred from another nick..tough you had to put a request in and wait for two weeks or longer if the screws could be bothered to process the request...then you were allowed one or two items to be brought in on a relatives visit...anymore and you had to submit another request.

    Despite numerous requests one can spend months in Elmley without getting any fresh clothes... other prisoners transferred in usually had civvies with them so getting spare prison issue kit from other prisoners was the only way to get new clothing allthough it was prohibited for a prisoner to give another prisoner any prison issue items.

    Clothing was washed on the wings by one of the 'trustees' at cost..ciggies or phonecards usually (it is prohibited to give another prisoner phonecards or ciggerettes as payment for anything)... haircuts ditto.


    If you cant do the time...including wearing the issue grundys.. fetching cotton boxer shorts in pale blue check...dont do the crime!!
  13. I had visions of them all in 1940s battledress jackets like Fletcher and Godper in Porridge. Where do they get money to buy their own clothing if they're in prison?

    Chief inspector of dentures, Mr Ancient Mariner, said the issue was of no concern whatsoever.

    And how many have been on community pun and not bothered to turn up? Ignoring anything except a jail sentence is par for the course these days.

    Edited to add ....

    ... I'd have thought the crims would have been delighted. Being forced to wear ill fitting, non-designer pants is sure to be a massive earner once the human rights lawyers get involved. I can see the witness testimony now:-

    "I was deeply traumatised at being forced to wear the Yorksire ripper's cast off knicks Your Honour. Can I have 100 grand please?"

    "My cell mate stopped fancying me when I was issued with baggy undies. This violates my right to family life with him. Can I also have 100 grand please?"
  14. We out sourced jobs to china and india .Sure we could out source a prison camp to siberia .Even if we do a deal with the russian mafia got to
    be less dodgy than a pfi deal .
  15. If you are in a scottish prison you should be made to wear the Kilt as god intended ie no skiddies !!! Thats what built the empire.....