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Prisoners Compensation.

Just to prove it is not just the UK that has bent over and said shaft me to the loony PC liberals and their merry band of nutty lawyers here is some madness from New Zealand

From two NZ based news sites;

Another 18 claims have been lodged by prisoners in the High Court in Wellington in relation to alleged mistreatment in solitary confinement, and up to 200 more are in the pipeline.

Five prisoners have recently been awarded $130,000 for being held in solitary confinement conditions that were ruled to be illegal.

The prisoners' lawyer, Tony Ellis, says they were kept like animals under the prison's behavioural modification regime.

Ellis says he has now filed on behalf of another 18 inmates.

The government is giving high priority to legislation that would give any victims first claim to such compensation payments, but it's unlikely to be retrospective.
At least some seem to have some sense and perspective.

Deborah Coddington - Press Releases - Crime & Justice
The Labour Government's refusal to act quickly and end the gravy train of compensation for prisoners is an insult to those in our armed forces, ACT New Zealand Associate Justice Spokesman Deborah Coddington said today.

"How is it, Prime Minister, that someone who has stabbed, raped, murdered, innocent New Zealanders, then been locked up, can get thousands of dollars in compensation; yet those who volunteer to protect our country's freedoms are barred under the Crown Proceedings Act 1950 from getting any compensation?" Miss Coddington asked.

"Section 9 of the Act specifically states:

`Crown not liable to pay compensation or damages for death or disablement of members of New Zealand armed forces where pension may be claimed'.

"We recently saw the debacle where an 83-year-old former prisoner of war had to fight for 59 years to get unpaid wages. No way could he get compensation.

"Undoubtedly there is good reason for this section of the Act. But I've spoken with several former members of the armed forces and they are very, very unhappy with Labour's soft approach to convicted felons being able to get money from the taxpayer for so-called breaches of their `human rights'.

"The Prime Minister first invited prisoners to take the Government to court over three years ago. She now needs to end this nonsense. After all, who is more important - convicted criminals or our armed forces?" Miss Coddington said.
I am so glad I can share with you just what I pay my taxes for in this country. 8O 8O
News just in from Hawkes Bay (NZ), the oxygen thieves are having a little riot because they have to "double bunk". FFS How many squaddies would have liked 1 man rooms, IMHO jails should be like the one in "Midnight Express".
How much room is left in Bernie's pit???.
:evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
I'm glad to read that the UK isn't the only one where the PC brigade has taken over.

However, I am dismayed to say the least, that the NZ government has a get out clause for not paying compensation to killed or injured members of her Armed Forces :evil:


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