Prisoner granted right to father child from prison

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Cabana, Jun 1, 2011.

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  1. Some criminal scum has been granted the right to father a child from prison because of human rights. Apparently he will be allowed to have an IVF baby, costing the tax payer more money.

    Prisoner granted right to father child from jail - Telegraph

    Personally, IMHO, prisoners lose their human rights when they commit crimes and wind up in jail. So I don't believe that this criminal, who is already costing us more then he should, should be allowed to father a child, particularly using expensive IVF treatment.
  2. simple aint it?

    I cant understand why the justice system cant get the concept of its own purpose.

    Its like having a herd of cows that dont know how to chew grass.
  3. Most of it's employee believe the purpose so-called justice system is to allow them to earn as much money as possible while sticking two fingers up to both public opinion and elected government officials. By those standards, the system works quite well...:ncool:
  4. Just bloody typical ain't it. First they have the right to vote??? Now they can have IVF??? When are they gonna troop wives and Gfs in for weekly/daily nuptials?


    I do not understand why it cannot be written into law that if you are a convicted prisoner, you forfeit certain rights and sod the bloody interfering do-gooders/eurotw@ts
  5. Agreed, it should be law that the only rights that prisoners should have is shelter (with an open window with bars), basic sanitation, water and basic sustenance (porridge and ham sandwiches). Nothing more. No tv, no phone calls, no visits, no pool tables. They need to be treated like the scum they are, not pampered.
  6. I remember a prisoner having a sex change to get out of HMP Wakefield. The women's prison 'she' was moved to was much nicer for a lifer.
  7. Yeah! Coz there would be lot of females for him/her/shim:) to gawk at - what would you call a lesbian person that was once a male? Mind boggling :S
  8. Bah!!! I had a sex change to get IN and everybody is wrong, Bronson is a very nice man, a very, very nice man.
  9. When will we get away from a person's "right" to have children? It isn't, if you can you do, if not, tough (or fund IVF yourself).
    Notwithstanding his "rights", he isn't really a prime example of a good father.
  10. darwin applies
    too stupid to stay out of jail obviously too stupid to be allowed to pass your genes on.
  11. As far as I recall 'she' was still segregated as it was still a nasty bastard.
  12. I recall a similar (or possibly the same one) species in HMP Altcourse, Liverpool back in 2001

    'It' did look like a woman but fought like a Russian sailor
  13. You recon this scums other half will be able claim additional benefits for being a single parent family cause the fathers locked up or that he'll ever have any role in this kids life after he gets out or will just clear off with another bird who dosnt have kids having had his kicks by convincing this idiot to have his kid?
  14. Thought cows masticated?
  15. This one did not look remotely female and possibly was in prison for sexual offences. Good plan to let it loose in a prison full of women. A lot of legal action was involved but in the end it was segregated anyway.