Prisoner condemns Human Rights in UK Prisions

Human Rights Culture in Prision so widespread that even old lags hate it -

The letters page of Inside Time, produced by the offenders’ charity, New Bridge, is a popular forum for prisoners to air their grievances

“Whenever I’ve gone out and robbed somebody I didn’t read my victims the human rights charter. It was entirely my choice and I’ve got to pay the price. In case prisoners are scratching their heads wondering where I’m coming from, the operative word is ‘responsibility’

“Every prison I’ve been in (and it’s a fair few), all I ever seem to hear is this constant bleating about ‘my human rights’, be it due to the food being either too hot or too cold, an officer didn’t refer to me as ‘Mr’ or whatever other petty complaints yet another mundane day of incarceration can throw up.

“This is now becoming far more commonplace than the other weary old chestnut, ‘I didn’t do it’. Prisoners tend to conveniently forget why they are locked up and forget too the rights of the victims they created.”

“In the ‘good old days’ in prison you had no rights apart from a surname and a number. If the food was bad (and trust me it was) or there was some other problem about which we had no rights, then we had a riot — no paperwork, no request/complaints — just a good, old-fashioned punch-up followed on frequent occasions by a good kicking.”

The newspaper also includes an article by Jonathan King, the pop impresario who served three years of a seven year sentence for sex offences, bemoaning the fact that when he arrived at Belmarsh in 2001, there was no in-cell television or electricity.

The writer is serving his sentence at the medium-security Albany prison in the Isle of Wight

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Good bloke, maybe we should put him in charge of the prison system of UK? Might stop him robbing people.
chocolate_frog said:
Good bloke, maybe we should put him in charge of the prison system of UK? Might stop him robbing people.
If he's a public servant, it's just legalized robbery.... :p
I hate to say it, but good on him, at least he feels some responsibility for what he has done, unlike the bulk of the chavvy underclass who blame, care homes, depression, ADHD, alchohol and drugs (like yeah, the rest of society makes them drink and take drugs).

Obviously an old fashioned villian.
Good to see someone taking responsibility for his actions!
Unfortunately he doesn't seem to learn his lesson too well seeing as how he admits to having been in a fair few prisons!

Still at least he's honest! Compare that with Jonathon King whinging about having no in-cell TV!!!!! FFS it's a prison not a hotel.

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