Prisoner Abuse - Backfire

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by braveheart, Feb 20, 2006.

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  1. Im sure you've all seen the most recent video of the prisoner 'abuse' which is now being investigated. Im also sure you've read the rumours on here about how the youths may claim compensation against the soldiers.

    Today I read in he paper that 2 of the 4 have been positivly identified and WILL be charged with attempted murder as they were apparently seen throwing grenades at the soldiers.

    Well, thank fcuk for that...
  2. Which paper? have you got a link?
  3. I'm sue they will thank the n o t w for their assistance in getting nicked.
  4. it was the daily record. I know its not exactly quality journalism but at least its showing support - and no i dont have a link seen as i read it in the paper and not online, sry

    [edit] The record used the word 'will' so im guessing its coming from a good source
  5. self-edited: Daily Record, noted.
  6. I doubt they will be charged, the craven weasles we work for would never go for it. However, I'm all for giving them a bit of an extraordinary rendition, how about Little Jimmy Osmond singing "Long Haired Lover From Liverpool"? That'll teach them to riot the little scrotes...
  7. I saw a mention of this in the Sunday Telegraph.

  8. A mention? So the video gets shown everywhere and this gets 'a mention'.
  9. LINK

    as you can see its not a big story to them, but its a start.

  10. edit: Ooops. Saw the link.
  11. Well spotted Braveheart.

    Do they have legal aid in Iraq? Can we expect the ambulance-chasers to be heading there any time soon if not?
  12. Thats good news, hopefully under Iraqi law it will mean death.
  13. I'm surprised Shiner the Whiner has not jetted out to defend the little..... tykes...
  14. I'll do it! It'll be good practice :D Plus it'll be a free trip to Iraq.

    Although since I'm not qualified yet, I might slip up: "The death penalty? Yes, I would advise trying for that, its your best alternative" :lol: