Prison too hard?

This sort of thing really grips my sh1t

He forcibly removes someone elses human rights and then complains that his are being affected!!

Among his complaints are sleep deprivation, lack of daylight and visual stimuli and no proper medical assessment.

Noye's representative at the hearing, Arthur Blake, said: "All these matters come together to form an oppressive regime, so much so that it has undermined his dignity and effectively eroded his character

Does the poor murdering b'stard not get tucked up with his teddy and a cup of cocoa then?

Fcuking right, - the git should be strung up by his knackers and left to rot!!

Is this country going soft or what?


War Hero
is all the things hes complaining about not the point of prison :evil:
Another fine example of the way our justice system has been turned on its head by the bleeding heart, left wing, human rights brigade. So now, a convicted murdered who has been categorised as in the most dangerous category is, thanks to another left leaning judge, to be allowed to claim against the conditions he is 'suffers' in prison.

Be sure that when this gets to court, there will be no mention of the lifelong suffering the victims family endures because of Noye, nor the fact that it was only after years of investigation the police were able to capture Noye in Spain and return him for trial. Doubtless Noyes lawyers will say it is not relevant to the case.

I would disagree. For the murder, he must be punished and be seen to be punished and his flight to Spain shows him to be an unscrupulous man, incapable of remorse and therefore one whose word is not to be trusted.

I am sure he will win his case - another nail in the coffin of true and fair British justice......I despair of it all. Another depressing day in reality.
poor sweet, I feel so sorry for him.
But not anyway near as sorry for his victims and their families and loved ones that he put through so much pain and suffering.
with those who are incontrovertably guilty i think a reasoned and well balanced punishment would cure any anti-social feelings.
daily treatments with a bacon slicer set to fine for example.
Or a forehead/facial tatoo of crimes convicted upon release to serve as a warning to all.

too much?


War Hero
oh no wHoSaIdThAt? I think you may have hit the nail on the head. The guy is a murderer he should be lucky that there isnt the death penalty anymore :evil: :evil: :evil:
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