Prison suicides

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldTimer, Jan 2, 2008.

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  1. The Prison Reform Trust complaining about the 92 suicides in UK jails . If criminals didn't commit crimes they wouldn't be in jail and at least they are doing something to resolve prison overcrowding.
  2. Is there a link to the afore mentioned article?
  3. I'll drink to that! If anything we should be encouraging junkies and repeat offenders to off themselves.
  4. Only 92? Where are the other 8? Make it a good round number.

    Cliche I know. If you can't do the time, don't do the crime.

    And those 92 will definitely not reoffend.
  5. How does that reflect the suicide rate in the general population? I'd like to see a comparison before getting all excited. However I'm far to lazy today to do any reasearch.
  6. It would be interesting to cross match these figures with MOD ones. At least one of those 92 was an ex Soldier with service in the Balkans and Telic and was being treated for PTSD. The chief of domestic staff at this location is currently looking into the increase of ex soldiers in the HMP system and has noted a considerable rise in the numbers of ex servicemen doing time compared to 10 years ago. A lot of these guys have 'health issues' and Alcohol/Drug issues which relate directly to the reason for their sentence. I wonder how many of these suicides if cross checked would throw up service backgrounds with operational service.
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Very, very well pointed out. Apart from the general prison population, useless, work-shy, gobshoit junkie/dealing organised crim scumbags who deserve to die painfully, there may indeed be quite a few ex-services bods, who have genuine problems, such as an ever increasing number of PTSD sufferers, who, considering their problems, should not have wound up in jail, but in places where they get the care and attention they should have had from the outset.
  8. So what about all those "useless, work-shy, gobshoit junkie/dealing organised crim scumbags who deserve to die painfully" who are suffering from PTSD from the beatings/rapes/general shitty life when they were kiddies then?
    Do they get some care and attention or just a painful death?
  9. Is there no way the government can find some funds to help boost these numbers 8O it seems pitifully low, what the hell are the wardens playing at :?
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    No, just some valuable lessons in good parenting. I forgot that all prisoners and law-breakers are victims, and we should close prisons. Good point.
  11. This is 2008 now you know, all that punishment and rehabilitation stuff is so last century. We have to keep up with modern thinking and remember that anyone who needs to break the law is obviously a helpless sufferer of some alphabet syndrome/conditon/disorder so should be compenstated for anything that might happen ever anywhere.
  12. What a brainless opinion.

    We have real problems in the prison system regarding its treatment of drug addicts and inappropriate sentancing. Rates of drug use and addiction in prisons are positively HUGE in comparison to civilian life, (having known a few wardens and teachers in prison, its just something they accept that they cannot combat effectivly) and with people being imprisoned for crimes which would be more appropriately punished by community service...

    So, 18 year old person X gets locked up for fighting in the street, causing a distrubance of the peace, whatever. What are the results? Person X is now exposed to a tolerated atmosphere of drug use, and is now in the company of the scum of society. Not to mention that the taxpayer has to foot a huge bill for his accomodation, food, protection (wardens), medical care, dental care etc etc

    Now tell me that this situation is preferable to giving person X a stiff term of community service? In the first scenario he is going to leave prison hardened and corrupted by people far worse than himself and far more likely to re-offend due to the influence of the people he has met there. With a term of community service, he will actually benifit society and learn the value of a days work, opposed to coming out a junk addicted, criminally minded, DSS leech.

    We not only need a shake up of the prison system but also of the justice system. It might be easier to sweep criminals under the rug for a few years but it is not only neglecting to deal with the problem at its root, its amplifying it when these people are released in far worse form several years later.

    It doesn't help the prisoner reform and it doesn't help society in anyway whatsoever.

  13. Only 92 wasters commited suicide, clearly prisons are too soft!

    It would be more appropriate for the Prison Reform Trust to do something about drugs and education / training for inmates rather than say jail is not appropriate punishment.
  14. If 18 yr old X hadnt been fighting in the street causing a disturbance then he wouldnt be in Jail??? And if he is in jail, then just because its a tolerated atmosphere does it mean he has to join in ???