Prison suicides

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Oddbod, Jan 25, 2005.

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  1. Yes we probably are a callous pair, but then we are but products of Blurs caring sharing society.
  2. A Theif should never go to prison. They should just have their hands cutoff.
    The most serious of offenders should be kept in the most depressing of surroundings, with the tools for 'self termination' innocently to hand.

  3. Teenage mugger suppose possibility he could have been rehabilated
    but at worse the world has lost a potential burger flipper .At best a few less minni chavs wont be in the gene pool .
    Maybe callous but as a child of the thatcher years its not my fault :lol:
  4. 6 years for street robbery, should have been 20 in my opinion.

    Still one less chav and the possibility of mini-chavs around the place
  5. Your son was a criminal. Jail is where criminals go. If he couldn't handle jail, he shouldn't have broken the law.

    Are we ever going to get past victimising the criminals? It's a disgraceful twist of priorities which shows to what extent this country has got all its goals messed up.
  6. I would have agreed with you but then I moved to an area where children as young as 7 were smoking on the street corner at nearly midnight, the 4 year old who nicked a can of beer from my builders didn't know where his mother was but that was OK as he had his own key, an eight year old (also home alone) regularly had Pot Noodle as a main meal etc, etc, etc. There are some truly awful parents out there and the kids don't stand a chance as they have no guidance and no worthwhile example to follow. Watching X rated horror films at age 6 because your mother is too stoned to put you to bed is not an ideal start in life.

    As parents we can't be responsible for every move our children make but if I were Mr Lewis I think I'd be asking myself some pretty searching questions before beefing to the press....
  7. msr

    msr LE

  8. If these scum (once convicted by our fine legal system) want to help the prison overcrouding figures by topping themselves then I for one would be quite happy to pay for the drugs to allow them to do this... lets think of the costs.
    100 pills depending on type no more than £100 tops
    Feeding clothing and giving sky TV to the scum for a year? More than I earn in a year!
  9. Perhaps I'm not a very nice person, but it wouldn't bother me in the slightest if all the thieves/muggers/rapists/murderers/child abusers/etc/etc/etc topped themselves. Then the money spent keeping them in nice warm cells, giving them 3 meals a day, can be spent on worthwhile things.
  10. Bags of sympathy here then..............and long may it continue.

  11. Totally agree. But shall we use beltfed 7.62 or just magazines of 5.56 to cull the ever increasing Prison polulation?

    What is needed is a removal of the dogooding PC Blanket that has wrapped itself around this island, reintroduction of National Service and bigger sticks for RSMs. That and a reintroduction of the long outlawed greeting
    "GET OFF THE F****** GRASS YOU HORRIBLE PIECE OF S*** " as bellowed from many a Training Regt office window.
  12. msr

    msr LE

    I think you'll find the only way to stem the rise in the prison population is sterilisation or the release of some ghastly incurable STD which renders the chavscum population infertile.

  13. well thinking prison suicides are not an altogether bad thing.
    it might help if
    mad people were put in mental hospitals
    the drunk and drug addicts were detoxed and rehabed and some plan was put
    in place so when they came out they had a hostel bed to go to.
    rather than spend a lot of money in prison getting them dried out and then getting them in a postive frame of mind only to shove them in a drug ridden b&b for a couple of weeks before sending them to a hostel waste of quite a bit of money and everybodys time.
    stop giving fines to people on benefit put them on community service and enforce it
    bin about 90 % of sentances under two years have the sods out painting grass green at weekends.
  14. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    That goes part way to solving the overcrowding problem...

    Seriously, what should prisoners be allowed?

    I think they should have a library, a radio and a duvet. Any infringement of prison rules leads to restriction of those three privilages. Further to that I think the criminals victim should be able to suggest a punishment to the judge at the trial, confidentially of course... Prison should not be a free couple of years. It should be something to fear.