Prison Strike

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fally_highlander, Aug 23, 2006.

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  1. This was on the MOD Oracle site.

    'Soldiers to man UK jails' if prison strike goes ahead

    Published: 10/08/2006 - 17:21:23 PM

    British soldiers could be manning UK jails if threats by a prison officers' union to strike are carried out, a prison governor has reportedly said.

    Claudia Sturt, who runs Belmarsh jail in south east London, has told her staff servicemen might have to be diverted from Afghanistan and Iraq if officers walk out, according to the Evening Standard.

    The governor also suggested Metropolitan Police officers might be used in the jail if a strike took place.

    Prison officers are restricted by law from taking industrial action but union officials have balloted members on doing so.

    The Prison Officers Association (POA) general secretary Brian Caton said the dispute centred around the union's lack of confidence in the service's pay review body, which it claims is not impartial.

    POA members have been offered a 1.6% pay award by the body, described as "shameful" by the union.

    Mr Caton said: "The dispute is not about the pay award, it's the process of the pay review body that's not independent and does not carry our confidence."

    Commenting on the result of the industrial ballot which will be announced on Tuesday he added: "It seems like it's going to be an overwhelming vote in favour of industrial action.

    "We will consider it with the national executive committee and determine what action we will take - it could be strike action."

    A walk-out by prison officers could affect courts and police stations involved in the transfer of prisoners.

    A Prison Service spokesman said: "The Director General of the Prison Service wishes to ensure that staff who may be voting in the current POA ballot in regard to potential industrial action are fully aware of the issues under dispute and are aware of the consequences of strike action.

    "We have contingency plans for all emergency situations."

    Copyright Press Association 2006.
  2. I'd work in a prison. If any of them cnuts threatened me with intent i'd be happy to issue them 1 X DPM shoeing mit riverdance on head. Can't stand criminals, especially paedos and pervs. They should hang them all once found guilty, save us a few bob in taxes. Cnuts.

  4. The Government may as well fire the lot, Fire, Ambulance and now Prison Officers and any others we have been called to stand in for, there are thousands of people that would be willing to do their job if they don't want it, this would certainly save us having to do everyone elses job, when we are supposed to be doing our own.

  5. ['Soldiers to man UK jails' if prison strike goes ahead

    Published: 10/08/2006 - 17:21:23 PM

    British soldiers could be manning UK jails if threats by a prison officers' union to strike are carried out, a prison governor has reportedly said.

    Manning as they call it, a prison would be the bare minimum of 3 meals a day given at cell doors.
    Running a prison is something completely different the Army or police would not have the inclination, time or resources to carry out.
    Highly unlikely it would happen, although you have to make contingency plans?
    Then again it did happen about 15 years ago?
  6. I'd rather run the railway system when they go on strike - never driven a train before, think I would be quite easy! Much like being a firefighter......

    If I was running a prison, I'd feel compelled to mete out some restorative justice...........
  7. PLEASE PLEASE come and help us run the prisons- would be funny to see how the human rights thing stands with some proper people in charge!

    Stupid strike- proper pointless.
  8. might go on your fmt 600 as well.
  9. When the diversity and equality managers at our council decide to go on strike we are truely Fcked!
  10. Army running the prisons? Ace! shoot the noncers, rapists and murders by the toilet block wall! I'm guessing TA might be brought in?

    Who's next to go on strike then?
  11. Oh for fcuk sake! I'm about to join the Prison Service (start soon) If they go on strike and l'm serving, you can be buggered if l'm walking out. Some poor sods will no doubt lose their leave over this and l won't be responsible!! Don't think the prison of my choice is going on strike and it bloody don't want too.

    However, would love to see the inmates faces when some honking Squaddie walks in, especialy the sex offenders wing!
  12. f**k me, do we still have prisons?
  13. Provided the doors are firmly locked before the walk out whats the problem?

    Leave each con with a bottle of evian and a loaf of mighty white. for each week he expects to be there.

    Stay in your cell, well be back in ten years to let you out. If you must go on hunger strike please leave a note out for the guard and he'll take you off his lists. feel free to smear shit on the walls, no one will be around to care apart from you.
  14. Quite simple really. Sue the ass off the union and go for specific head-honchos if it happens!!! That'll stop the fecking commies! :evil:
  15. Soldiers and Prisons...

    Great combination. It's been proved succesful a thousand times.