Prison Ships

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by RoverDriver, Jan 23, 2010.

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  1. What goes around, comes around - eventually. The Tories are apparently proposing the re-introduction of Prison Ships.

    Now if they could make the location of these vessels available to Somali pirates, we could take care of two problems at once...
  2. when i lived on that ship in FI (1984) we had four to a room, when it became a prison they only had two to a room! thats punishment for you
  3. Should have been made into razor blades years ago. Im glad i lived over at Navy Point.
  4. we could use them as targets for naval gunnery training when they have been filled with prisoners
  5. Ideal solution, HMG pay for the safe return of the crew, prisoners, well it's up to the family. Of course I would not condone putting the details of sailing son the internet :twisted:
  6. What naval gunnery training? There's no cash for ammunition. The nearest they get to it these days is swinging the gun around a bit while playing Basil Brush shouting 'Boom Boom' over the Tannoy.
  7. For Christ's sake - If God had meant us to have prison ships, he wouldn't have invented the Outer Hebrides!

    It could be like a colder, more windy version of escape from New York!
  8. Oy, I came here of my own free will ! Maybe windy but the free venison and mussels more than make up for it being a tad chilly now and again.
  9. Seems a shame that nobody thought of using HMS Fearless as a prison ship. Slopping out would be so much easier.
  10. On a prison ship ----- Do you have a Governor or a Captain? :)
  11. Don't know, but it will certainly have 'The Daddy...' :D
  12. We used to have mountains but the wind blew them flat,we used to have forests until Magnus "Barelegs" set fire to them.we're OK.Send us your prisoners and we'll liquidate them in the forests :twisted:
  13. I wish I could say the same about Lookout Camp.